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This post was written by David Jiménez

January is traditionally the month of the Auto Show in Belgium. Dealers are open 7 days a week to establish a record sale thanks to the “best” sale deals. Where car brands try to beat each other around a certain theme every year, one thing has never changed: the battle to acquire new consumers. After all, a consumer buys a new car on average once every five years. To win a consumer over a brand, CRM is indispensable in the automotive sector.

CRM in the automotive sector: Win a new customer, but more importantly not to lose one

The “salon month” as the dealers call it popularly, is an important indicator for achieving sales which will affect the rest of the year. It is the highlight of the year in the automotive sector. Showrooms are open 7 days a week and, all brands offer promotions, discounts, and new car models. A stressful month, but also a very nice month in which sales and marketing can be creative to make showrooms as attractive as possible to get the consumer over the threshold. From pop-up bar to winter BBQ, nothing is too crazy to acquire a new customer.

But of course, behind these fun promotions are tough sales targets. The brand and dealer that take care of a customer the fastest and the best “take the cake”. It’s that simple. CRM is, therefore, an indispensable tool to acquire a new customer in the automotive sector. During the Salon month, you have three touchpoints with the customer, unique and unified customer experience is a must in order to achieve a sale. Thanks to CRM, this is now easier than ever.

Touchpoint 1: The Auto show

During this period, the first contact will largely take place during the Auto Show. All brands under one roof, nice hostesses and hosts and the latest models can be seen, “smelled” and felt. An event like the Auto Show puts consumers in a different mood and yes, even consumers who are not looking for a new car will be tempted here. As a car brand, this is the ideal opportunity to get a first impression from your customer. Your mobile CRM for the automotive sector allows you to directly enter the preferences of the consumer via a personal account in your CRM. SUV or convertible? Financing or cash payment? Trade-in an old car? All information directly in your database. Equip your hosts and hostesses with tablets to collect as many leads as possible.

Touchpoint 2: The website

If you are well-prepared as a brand, the consumer will receive a welcome email with his or her desired car, and the link to the configurator to further decorate the car with all sorts of options. At ease in peace in your own home environment. The ideal configuration is of course stored in your CRM and thanks to the geolocation action it knows how to immediately propose the nearest dealer to the consumer for a test drive.

Touchpoint 3: The showroom

Thanks to the CRM for the automotive sector, the relevant dealer receives a notification, after which he can consult all consumer data in the CRM. CRM has automatically put the test drive in the dealer’s agenda with all the information about the model, technical specifications (automatic, manual, color, options …) so that if the consumer arrives at the dealer, he or she does not repeat his or her story but he or she can enjoy a carefree test drive and a cup of coffee.

Touch Down! Sold!

You are a salesman, so that test drive is just a formality for you. It will help you to close the deal. The sale can, therefore, be concluded quickly because all personal data in the CRM is for the automotive sector. Only the sensitive data such as identity card number, credit data and additional valuation of the car to be exchanged. Congrats! You are again a car closer to your sales target for this month.

A satisfied customer is your livelihood

Getting a customer is one thing, but you also know that the profit margins on new cars are small and that this is a one-off income. More important than the sale itself is customer loyalty so that in five years it will, of course, be possible to buy his or her new car from you again. Maximize your CRM by keeping the customer informed when the car needs maintenance when a software upgrade is available for navigation. Or simply invite the customer for a snack and a drink when you launch a new model. Let the customer feel that this is the king even after the sale.

Customer experience Customization Mobility
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