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Efficy CRM, with its 360° view, opportunities module and reports, is the sales-oriented tool your salesforce needs

With a CRM, your salesforce will benefit from online or offline access to all the information they need about their customers and products.

Whether they are in the office, on the road or at home, your sales staff are active. By handling sales opportunities as well as tasks, the sales team input new data directly and any call can become an opportunity for business.

The results is increased efficiency and an increased turnover.

What are the problems your sales team faces

Here are some interesting, but shocking, figures about selling:

It takes 6.25 hours of prospecting to get 1 appointment and 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups. In 2014, you needed 8 cold calls to reach a lead (in 2013 it was 3.68) and only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment

80% of sales occur after at least 5 follow-ups… the average salesperson only make 2 attempts, 44% give up after just 1 follow up! – 92% of sales reps give up after 5 “No”s. 40% of sales reps failed to understand customers’ real needs

If you follow up a web lead within 5 minutes, you are 9 times more likely to convert him in a customer. In 100-500 employees companies, 7 people are involved in buying decisions and 70% of buying decisions come from solving the customer’s problems, only 30% from gaining something

50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the lead. After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories, but only 5% remember statistics… and the most memorable part is the last 5 minutes. 82% of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor

Why should CRMs be more popular for sales?

CRM systems should me more popular in off and online sales because they give more insight, visibility and efficiency.

Here are some interesting figures about it:

  • 75% of sales managers say that using a CRM helps them to drive and increase sales
  • A CRM returns 5.6 $ for every 1 $ spent on it (ROI > 50%)
  • 75% of companies have no nurturing process for sales leads… but this is what a CRM exactly does.
  • Sales team’s productivity increases by 15% when using a mobile CRM
  • CRM improves sales conversion by 300%
  • Marketing costs can be reduced by up to 23% thanks to a CRM, etc.

A 360° overview of your customers

In no time at all you can find and manage every activity and document related to any particular customer. Your teams can quickly enter any new information on their phones without having to write it down and come back to the office.

Thanks to telephone integration and Outlook Add-in, telephone calls are quicker and e-mails are immediate. A customer on the phone? At a glance, Efficy CRM shows you the current projects, the deals you are able to offer or even the last conversations you had with them.

Opportunity Management

Managing the entire sales process becomes a lot simpler: leads are transformed into opportunities and arrive automatically to the right salesperson. You can also automate the different stages of the selling process. Your teams have access to the products catalogue and with the use of templates they can make their bids in record time.

Performance Indicators (KPI)

You want to give your business a boost? Make use of Efficy’s performance indicators and motivate your teams to continuously improve.

Do you want to reward the best performers? Apply bonus policies related to performance indicators (KPI) and create incentives for excellence and the achievement of goals for everyone in your company.


You have a sales meeting in 5 minutes?

Reports are available in standard mode, giving you the status of possible opportunities and the sales made in a single click!

Make use of what Efficy has to offer by keeping track of your turnover and improving the daily monitoring of your teams and your business in general.

Gamification to Drive Motivation

Use gamification to boost the productivity of your sales team. With clear objectives, your sales reps have engaging targets to reach and this, in a gamified and challenging setting.

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