CRM training for administrators

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    Dive Master

What do I get out of it?

This will give you mastery over the basic configuration and functional administration of the various modules of the E-Deal CRM suite. You will have an overview of the modules, user rights administration, data import and document repository.

Who Should Attend?

This training is for future system administrators (PM and CIO), CRM consultants, integration partners and advanced users members of the project group. To be eligible for this training, you must already have used at least one module from the Suite, or have already navigated the E-Deal CRM demo.

Upcoming training sessions

The DiveMaster Level

Do not simply use Efficy CRM anymore, master it!
If you want to take the next step, get a taste of what it is to control your Efficy CRM tools thanks to our Divemaster training courses. If becoming an expert of your Efficy CRM and learning how to manage it from A to Z sounds like fun, then those training courses are for you.

Learn from our certified dive instructors

Efficy Diving Academy is made up of Efficy experts committed to teaching you how to gain the necessary skills to use your Efficy CRM in an efficient and proactive way. Thanks to them being certified, get subsidies* each time you attend our training sessions.

* Those subsidies are available for companies located in Belgium.

Do you need more information? Download our brochure

The Diving Academy has designed two different programs based on your profile: the Web Developer Program and the User Program. If you want to discover the tips and tricks that will make your working life easier every day, the Users Program is for you. Our recommended courses will help you choose the most appropriate training sessions for your occupation.