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This post was written by David Jiménez

The consumer experience is on everyone’s lips. And for a good reason: it is at the heart of the customer relationship strategies. Let’s focus on some good practices from different sectors.

The 6 pillars of the consumer experience

At Efficy, we are used to say that the Customer Relationship is based on 6 pillars:

  • Customer culture: focus on customer orientation to gain market share.
  • Emotions: take into account the human aspect to connect with your customers.
  • Omnichannel: provide a seamless customer journey for a seamless experience.
  • Trust: keep your promises to build a durable customer relationship.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship: Revolutionize Customer Relationship with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Data quality: transform big data into smart data.

What’s the challenge of a qualitative customer relationship? To offer your customers and prospects a quality of service and a buying experience that they would not find elsewhere.

Customer journey management

Consumer behavior has changed in many aspects for the last 10 years. Nowadays we must be able to manage the customer experience, taking into account the end-to-end customer journey. In order to follow these evolutions – or revolutions – CRM tools have also evolved. If these instruments still allow you to optimize the internal processes, their role goes further. They also come as brand support to help these brands to better manage interactions with their customers and prospects.

Let’s take a concrete example: La Redoute. This historic stakeholder in the mass market has successfully completed its digital transformation. And for La Redoute, customer culture is one of its top priorities. Their first major project was to acquire new tools to review the management of customer journeys. So far, they were not managed according to the customer needs and were not based on real practices. At the heart of their project: our CRM solution for decompartmentalizing databases and making better use of data.

Another good practice is coming from Belgium with Belfius Bank. 11,000 employees use our CRM solution daily to, among other things, facilitate their prospection. In concrete terms, they are able to take advantage of the 1.3 million annual customer appointments that they have in order to follow the life of each customer’s contract. Their purpose? Loyalty.

To be present where your customers are

Among our references, we have a very good example of digitization. Domytis, the number 1 of the senior service residences in France, has senior clients that are more and more connected. The main challenge of Domytis is to enrich its digital services offer. Its customers are autonomous seniors, who now use an online resident portal in order to access the schedule of events or animations, book a sports niche… This portal is accessible from a computer, a tablet or internet terminals at the reception of residences. All this information is centralized in a single tool, our CRM solution

Without the human no consumer experience

The role of the human remains essential in the Customer Relationship in front of this multiplication of all these communication channels. Moreover, 60% of companies believe that the share of human interaction should increase or remain stable over 5-10 years (study AFRC-BCG, 2017).

Without the human, no emotion. And, without emotion, no beneficial consumer experience. Take the example of a “mutual” (social insurance company in France). Do you really think that a robot could have the empathy to respond to a customer who has just had an accident? Of course not. The human remains at the heart of the Customer Relationship.


As a conclusion, here are the points to remember in order to turn the consumer experience into a powerful competitive advantage:

  • Omnichannel management is a prerequisite for the 360° customer experience in order to share the same customer knowledge and respond to it with consistency and relevance
  • The combination of data quality and artificial intelligence is the winning combination in order to personalize interactions and customer journey
  • The human remains at the heart of the Customer Relationship: it is what produces the emotion and marks the customer durably, gives him the desire to communicate on his experience with the brand, and become an ambassador of the brand.
  • Finally, all sectors are concerned, in B2C and in B2B: mutual insurance, banking, mass distribution, service, media, housing, tourism, transport, communities…

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