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Last week at Efficy we had an expert session with our partner Kestio, let’s try to share with you some tips they gave to our clients and prospects. Some weeks ago we talked about “how to communicate in a time of crisis” and now we would like to give you the best practices to overcome this when the crisis will be behind us.

Why should we continue? Indeed many sales representatives hear very often at the moment “We don’t have the budget, please call us back after the crisis”. This is quite depressive. However the sales department is responsible for turnover, even more now, so this is key to keep motivation and keep helping your company to grow.

This is true, normally we’ll lose customers but in this case, it will probably be more. However, you have to think that your competitors will call their customers and prospects. The sales cycles have an incompressible duration: it is, therefore, necessary to sow before harvest and try to show them that you’re present, available and you understand their needs and constraints. So when the crisis will be over because it will happen, you’ll have engaged with them and they will remember it. The only battles we lose are the ones we don’t fight. Let’s try to give you some piece of advice below.

How can you do to evolve your state of mind and one of your teams?

Focus on the possibilities, even if they are reduced. Your activity has decreased however your role with your customers remains important. Try to create a collective and regular meeting point to share and inspire your teams and colleagues. Ask them to share the news of the previous day. Have they re-contacted their customers and what’s their situation? What are the actions that your partners are planning to do? With the same idea try to share things that worked well when one or several people of your sales team have contacted prospects with whom they were in touch.

Finally, try to define with them what are the actions planned today. It can be a certain number of calls, emails, cleaning, and updating their data and sales funnel or a plan of actions with the marketing team.

How can you do to evolve your value proposition to counterbalance the drop in activity?

Try to define the fundamental role of your company. Sales teams, and all other employees actually, unite and act for the company if it presents a meaning far beyond economic reason. It’s time to bring your teams together.
The affirmation of your fundamental role is essential right now for your customers and prospects. Advise, provide your expertise, reassure on your domain.

  • Be present, give a look.
  • Share cross experiences.
  • Propose alternative forms to deliver your offer, your product.

Your expertise, your added value has not changed… The way to propose and deliver it probably!

How to secure your customers and your prospects?

Define an action plan for your 3 sources of revenue.

  1. Secure your key client
  2. Secure your ongoing propositions
  3. Continue to prospect

In order to secure your client try to do the following actions: Take news. , offer help, set up a formal meeting, and prepare for the restart. If it’s large account customers, identify several key contacts. With the help of your Sales director validate the business secured and the business at risk and update the information in the project management tools.

Here are some tips to secure your ongoing propositions: Analyze and re-prioritize your pipeline based on updated criteria. Confirm the meetings and try to stick to them. Adapt your value proposition. Modify its strategic and tactical objectives. And last but not least accept that you may lose some opportunities, digest them, and move forward!

With your marketing team innovate with different actions: Create a Linkedin group and feed it, update your LinkedIn profile with contact details and corporate information, organize webinars, send newsletters, and/or articles to give advice related to the period.

Some food for thought to start

It’s essential to choose one simple tool for all your team and this where a CRM is needed.
Indeed this solution will help you to list the contact points of the customer relationship, to define clearly your sales funnels and channels by a function of actions and you’ll be able to segment this clearly.
Finally, share successes, people want to hear positive things in this period and be able to move forward. In times of limited means, invest in what creates value, and optimize the rest.

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