What is a CRM and Why You Should Implement it in your company
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What is a CRM and Why You Should Implement it?

Efficy CRM has a unique concept: open, customized and synchronized, it fully adapts itself to your needs

In this article, I will explain what a CRM software is and why it is essential if you want your company to be successful.

What is CRM ?

CRM brings together tools and techniques but also a philosophy, which is to place the client at the centre of the company and its concerns.

The aim is to efficiently explore the market and to retain customers by offering them a higher quality of service that is specifically adapted to their needs.

The goal of CRM is also to assist sales, marketing, customer service technicians and admin personnel to become more efficient in their day-to-day work.

As a matter of fact, due to the nature of their duties these employees have been late at adopting Business Informatics: they often continue to use MS Excel sheets, post-its, etc., when their accounting colleagues have been using time-saving software for years.

When using a CRM software, all pieces of information are centralised, archived and linked to each other in an intuitive way.

The main objective is to provide quality information that the CRM user can respond to in the most appropriate, efficient, and optimised was possible.

By putting information at the user’s disposal in this manner the overall reactiveness and efficiency of customer relations can be increased.

A CRM software explained in less than 4 minutes

Here is a 4 minutes animated video in which Dr. Nancy Rauseo explains exactly what CRM is, and why it is so crucial for your company !

-CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, C.R.M.

-CRM helps sales persons in their daily jobs

-CRM helps to share information between sales, customer services and marketing

-CRM streamlines the sales process, from lead acquisition to closing… and the after sales processes (customer services, loyalty…)

-CRM centralizes all data in one place (email, chat, phone call, tweets…), etc.

You are not using a CRM software yet?

Here are some of the benefits you will gain:

Centralize and Secure your Information in 1 place

No more isolated information. Everyone shares the same information…

Interact and follow your customers easily

Manage Meetings, to do list… at a glance and simplify your support management & Helpdesk. Launch targeted Marketing campaigns…

Share & use all data efficiently

Have real-time data across every department and simplify all your business processes

Manage your documents and become a paperless office. Improve inter-departmental projects and boost and empower your sales team

Modern CRM software also integrates social selling features