Why Efficy CRM Is So Unique : open and customized CRM
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Why Efficy CRM Is So Unique

Efficy CRM has a unique concept: open, customized and synchronized, it fully adapts itself to your needs

Efficy CRM has a unique concept: an Open Data model that allows NxM relationships.

You can have any link between contacts, actions, documents, projects, products… and custom entities.

Why use Efficy CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) brings together a series of tools and techniques but also a philosophy, which is to place the client at the centre of the company and its concerns.

The aim of Efficy CRM is thus to help you efficiently explore the market and retain your customers by offering them a higher quality of service that is specifically adapted to their needs.

Work in a collaborative way

The goal of Efficy CRM is also to assist sales, marketing, customer service technicians and admin personnel to become more efficient in their day-to-day work.

As a matter of fact, due to the nature of their duties a lot of employees have been late at adopting Business Informatics: they often continue to use MS Excel sheets, post-its, etc., when their accounting colleagues have been using time-saving software for years.

When using Efficy CRM, all pieces of information are centralised, archived and linked to each other in an intuitive way.

By putting information at the user’s disposal in this manner, you increase the overall reactiveness and efficiency of customer relations.

This philosophy of information sharing is illustrated by the atom that characterises Efficy CRM: all pieces of internal and external information are centralised and instantly enriched by all being in the one place, the CRM.

Efficy focuses on the idea of building links that allow information (company, contact, project, document) to be easily put into perspective and context through a maximally automated process.

The standard version of the software is composed of different elements or “entities”, each represented by the icons you can see on the Atom Model of Efficy CRM.

The purpose of CRM is to centralise and share information and knowledge in a broad sense.

The availability of information means all information and documents are stored in your central database.

Make your business grow

CRM also generates added value and revenue by:

  • Allowing you to generate quotes and place orders on the go
  • Identifying clients that are inactive, high potential, etc.
  • Implementing new services (Guaranteed response times…)
  • Automating market exploration and client retention (emailing, text messaging… depending on sequences and triggers)
  • Immediately transferring prospects for the web site to the sales team without wasting time or having to re-enter data.
  • Personalizing and targeting messages
  • Deepening knowledge on clients and prospects thanks social media…

Optimize your sales cycle and much more

Ultimately, Efficy CRM allows you to optimise the overall sales cycle. But do not think that Efficy CRM only addresses sales needs.

In fact, many companies use Efficy CRM to organise and manage:

  • Contact databases (e.g. association members, syndicate members…)
  • Projects and trainings (e.g. training, organising events)
  • Projects (e.g. medical trials, store visits…)
  • Service contracts (e.g. mutualities…)
  • Shared agendas (e.g. lawyers…), …

The ease and the speed of adaptation to any business needs.

The system can adapt to the various internal procedures of the company.

Efficy can be used by small and large companies, from 2 to 8000 users.

A very low Total Cost of Ownership

Efficy is available on cloud or on premise, and, on the Cloud, the customization upgrades are included in the monthly price.

Moreover, there is no software to install, users can simply log in via an Internet browser. You just need a PC, a tablet, a smartphone…

Integration with 3rd party software programs

Efficy is integrated with accounting software programs (SAP, Sage…), custom back office systems, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail…

A real 3D CRM

Efficy is a real 3D CRM: operational, analytical and indirect.That means, it gives you a complete 360 ° vision of your customers and your data.

You can have a complete view of your tickets, opportunities, quotes, invoices… in one glance.

Efficy CRM links everything and everyone

Efficy CRM’s biggest innovation is being a complete tool for the management of activities that is capable of responding to the needs of all jobs within the same single platform.