Drive Customer Satisfaction

Your customers want service that is responsive, precise and comprehensive.

Efficy CRM’s centralized repository of customer data improves service quality and communication. For example, your support agents can understand each customer better, collaborate around customer issues, prioritize and escalate the most pressing customer issues.

A history of prior customer transactions is instantly provided, along with the most recent interactions with the company, and the channels that were used. Efficy CRM lets you connect the dots between different touch points – web, contact center, branch offices, mobile and social – to fully understand your customers’ journey.

You benefit from increased work throughput, less duplicate entry, and up-to-the-minute visibility into such activities as inventory and distribution.


Customers can create their own support ticket via a web browser, driving out complexity. Activating a support ticket triggers an automatic workflow that alerts the support department and also informs the customer of the status of his or her request.

What’s more, you can quickly design and deploy wizards for standardizing support procedures, streamlining repetitive actions for members of your support team, or implementing best practices.

This means more tickets handled per agent, a lower cost of handling inquiries, and better customer experience.