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With Good Connections, You Achieve More...

Efficy’s Connections Accelerate Your Business.

Productivity That Scales Across Your Enterprise


Grow your sales pipeline, boost lead conversion and profitability


Maximize the return on your marketing investments

Customer Service

Improve customer relationships with an extranet and efficient service


Achieve faster revenue recognition


Help managers make more informed and faster decisions


Access critical customer, opportunity and business data from a single source


Streamline your projects to improve timelines and efficiency

Efficy raises your level of performance whatever your role in the organization


Get detailed customer data, improved lead intelligence and an up-to-date view of your sales pipeline. Use a central library of customized proposal templates to tailor your message, documentation and quotes to each customer’s particular needs. Expedit…


Efficy’s centralized repository improves your understanding of prospect/customer transactions and buying behavior. You can quickly anticipate changing customer needs, provide relevant targeted offers and improve the customer experience. The software…


Efficy leverages your organization’s most important assets: its client base. Its collaboration facilities help align your employees with your strategy. Analytics tell you what’s going on in your company and which processes can be improved. What’s mor…


Efficy CRM balances IT control and user flexibility. The platform complies with standards and integrates easily with your infrastructure – including a wide variety of mobile technologies. It offers organizations their choice of deployment options, in…

See How Efficy Raises Productivity


Download the white paper “Succeed at your CRM project...


Congratulations, you have decided set up a CRM software in your company!   Your CRM will soon become your most important customer relation tool.   It will allow you to optimise your customer capital.   It is the tool that will not only centralise your prospect and client data, but will also uni…

Free mini training course on Social Selling – Identify you...

dreamstime_s_48580517-600x485 (1)

This mini training course explains how you can take your first steps in Social Selling. Introduction: What is Social Selling?   Social Selling is a technique that is still significantly underused in the enterprise world. LinkedIn, Viadeo, and Facebook are the world’s largest databases of contac…

Efficy CRM 10th Anniversary video!


On the occasion of Efficy’s 10th Anniversary, we were delighted to welcome you to our new office during the day, and to our anniversary party in the BMW Brand Store. The program for the evening was: 5:30 pm: Welcoming 6:05 pm: Introduction – 10 years of Efficy in 10 minutes 6:20 pm: Efficy Award Cer…

The 14 most inspirational business quotes I know that will b...

peter drucker

Here are my 14 most inspirational business quotes.   “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker “The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” – David Ogilvy “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov…

.net or Java ? A funny movie for the Java fans!

java et donet

.net or Java ? A funny movie for the Java fans!

Why choosing Efficy CRM ? The answer in 3 pictures !

why efficy

Here are 3 pictures that are explaining why choosing Efficy CRM.   1 – Efficy CRM is a full CRM suite.   2 – Efficy has unique features in the market like Gamification, Document Management, Cloud / On premise offers, disconnected mode, Business Intelligence…   3 – Efficy CRM can be…

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