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Our mission is to help each company succeed by helping it to transform its customer data into customer knowledge, while simplifying the work of its employees.

Efficy CRM has more than 330,000 users in some 13,500 companies around the world.

CRM for your industry

Our CRM solutions are the most flexible on the market. They are open and customisable, which means you can make significant changes to the different modules which comprise the software suite. To help you with these configurations and customisations, our expert teams are at your service. We adapt your CRM solution to your organisation, your processes, your teams, events, projects, your sales structure, your customer support and help desk system, etc.

A CRM range which adapts to your business

Efficy Group enhances the productivity of your sales teams by providing a range of CRM tools: customer database, business activity monitoring, opportunities, portfolio of offers, etc. Whether in the office or in the field, your sales representatives have a 360° view of their customers and prospects and their proposals. They will also be able to segment their database to launch multi-channel marketing actions.

One CRM tailored to every need

Our solutions offer everything you need to work efficiently, to analyse your data and to attain your objectives.

Our modular offer is perfectly scalable thanks to the wealth of features it provides. Your customised developments are updated for free and for life with each new release.

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Our DNA: a company with unified values based on efficiency, openness and listening to our customers, our ecosystem and our colleagues.

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To become the #EuropeanCRMChampion with you.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the art of optimising your interactions with your customers and prospects. The Efficy Group wants to go even further, and help you foster engagement among your teams and with your customers, whatever the size or stage of development of your company.

Efficy has enjoyed strong growth over several years. We owe this growth to the quality of our solution and the dedication of our teams to make each project a success.

CRM features

Document management

Imagine if you could have a better control over and easier access to your documents, without wasting hours searching for each piece of information. Link your documents to projects, and find your files or data in seconds with keywords.

Customer relationship management
Our Customer Support Module is an indispensable tool for managing your customer relationship in real time and in a highly-personalised way.

Marketing campaign management
Create personalised email campaigns for communicating with your different target groups.

Contact management
Manage all your contacts securely and intuitively.

Data visualisation and analysis
Being able to analyse your data is a necessity for developing efficient business and marketing strategies. Our CRM solutions enable you to understand your customers’ current behavior patterns and so predict more accurately future behaviours.

Sales force management
Your sales force needs structured and up-to-date data and to be able to act quickly depending on the opportunities.

Collaborative project management
Foster interaction throughout the company as a whole (staff, customers, providers, subcontractors, partners, etc.) so as to ensure greater transparency, efficiency and consistency in your relationships.

Improve your customer relationship thanks to mobility and gamification

CRM Mobile first
Our CRM solutions are mobile and accessible from anywhere thanks to real-time synchronisation.

CRM offline
Access your data and documents offline; your CRM database will sync automatically whenever you are back online.

CRM and gamification
Peak Me Up is an innovative application, already used in many major companies and brands such as Allianz, Bacardi, Belfius, Ergo, Imperial Tobacco, Total-Lampiris, Liebig, Royco, Devos&Lemmens, Niko, Saint-Gobain, etc. Most report an increase in sales productivity and team engagement within a few weeks.

Join the Efficy diving academy

Customers who invest in training report more than 50% ROI on their Efficy investment. This is why Efficy Diving Academy presents a broad array of training sessions to empower your people by honing the skills and acquiring the knowledge they need to make the most of Efficy CRM.

Evolve level by level; choose the training session that best suits your needs.

How do you move on to the next level? Start with Level 1, select at least one training course from the list of available trainings for that level, take your diving test, get your diving certificate and move to the next level.