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  • efficy Tribe Essentials

    25€ /user
    25€ /user

    Ready-to-use CRM for small businesses and startups that helps you connect with more customers, lock in more sales, and simplify all your processes. *Minimum 2 users

    • Analytics & Reports
    • Easy-to-use Email Marketing
    • Opportunity Management

    efficy Tribe Advanced

    39€ /user
    39€ /user

    Easy-to-implement, configurable CRM that helps you generate more high-quality leads and effectively manage your pipeline to scale faster. *Minimum 2 users

    • Multi-channel Lead Management  
    • Marketing Automation  
    • Pipeline Management 

    efficy Enterprise

    66€ /user
    60€ /user

    Complete CRM that helps you better track and manage your activities, save time and resources, and brings your teams together to drive impact.

    • Advanced CRM
    • Project Management
    • Timesheeting


    All our CRM plans include:

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  • Lite

    110€ /month
    100€ /month

    For up to 1000 contacts*

    All the tools you need to build your list and grow your business.

    • Calendar
    • Email Marketing
    • Forms and landing pages
    Top choice


    231€ /month
    210€ /month

    for up to 2500 contacts*

    Get data-driven insights for more precise targeting and marketing.

    • Insights
    • Marketing Automation
    • SMS


    363€ /month
    330€ /month

    for up to 5000 contacts*

    Take personalisation to the next level with our all-in-one solution.

    • +2 Accounts Users
    • Custom Events tracking
    • Website Tool

    All our marketing plans include:

    Email marketing
    Forms and Landing pages
    Free support

From small, mid-size, to large
efficy CRM is made to meet your business goals.


Opportunity Management

Track and manage your best opportunities with a 360-degree view. Increase your sales with less effort.

KPI Dashboards & Reporting

Keep detailed analytics in clear sight with an overview of your ROI, and generate shareable reports with a single click.  


Boost collaboration, engagement, and productivity across your teams by gamifying the work day.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Streamline the customer journey and automate your time-consuming tasks.

Ticketing System

Enhance customer satisfaction — handle more ticket requests automatically and meet every customer’s needs.