Meeting your objectives and upping profits just got a lot more fun with efficy CRM. Boost user adoption, collaboration, and results across your teams by gamifying the workday.

Get your teams involved.

Put your teams in the game — Gamification helps you break down siloes and align each department to collaborate better on tasks.  

Set individual or team-based targets — from sales revenue to leads generated and support tickets resolved — and improve engagement across your organisation. Any task or project can be gamified with points, levels, badges, and more. 

Boost your numbers across the board.

Score again and again — increase results with Gamification and allow everyone to track progress and milestones reached. Users can view side-by-side comparisons of individual and team performance on the leaderboard to spur some friendly competition.

And with actionable insights through performance results in efficy CRM, you can take your teams’ growth to the next level.



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