Growing with you since 2005.

This is efficy.

We’re a CRM company that creates software to help you build and manage stronger customer relationships.

We provide powerful, highly-flexible solutions capable of scaling to meet all your business’ needs.



Our Mission

Since the beginning, our aim has been to support each business in their growth and make them more successful – wherever they are – by providing a strong European CRM solution.

Our values

Listening to our customers, our ecosystem, and our team.  

We’re passionate about cultivating great relationships, and we believe that all great relationships begin with trust.  

We gain trust with our customers and team through open communication, transparency, security, holding true to our values, and creating a positive, reliable journey together. 

Putting people first


Our customers

We strive to help our customers be more productive, better organised, and – as a result – happier in their jobs. When our customers succeed, we succeed.



Our team

Our curious and insightful team of experts are the force that makes up efficy. We place the well-being of our employees as a first priority.



Doing things efficiently

It’s all in the name: efficient + company = efficy.

Efficiency is the essence of our company and the solutions we offer. We believe that the best solutions are simple, well-structured, delightful to use, and create the greatest amount of impact, fast.

We won’t look for perfection – we’ll aim for efficiency. 

Our Culture

We work to create a culture that fosters growth, connection, and well-being, both
on an individual and community level.


We’re committed to actively contributing to initiatives in Europe that offset our carbon emissions. By 2027, we plan to offer completely carbon-efficient solutions.


Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels seen, heard and empowered. We give every efficyer the opportunity to bring unique viewpoints and experiences to work.


With more than 60 nationalities working at efficy, we know that when diverse perspectives come together, innovation is unlocked. We continually look for new ways to share within the different cultures of our workforce.

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