Power your teams’ productivity.

Visualise all your activities and reach your goals faster with a comprehensive CRM solution for sales, marketing, support, and project management. 



Align your teams to your customers.


Are you teams falling behind from lagging communication?  

Boost collaboration between all departments.

Gain access to real-time collaboration tools so your teams can stay on the same page and on top of their game.  

Do you keep losing sight of what needs to be done?

Finally, a place for everything and everything in its place.

With your documents and to-dos clearly organised in one digital space, you can seamlessly manage your resources and glide from action to action. 

Are inefficient workflows slowing down your performance?  

Turn productivity into profitability.

We help you streamline your internal processes for greater efficiency, so you can keep your focus on your customers and build stronger relationships. 

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Grow your business smarter.

Find the best fit for you.



Looking for something unique?

Easily customise your solution to fit your needs.





Boost efficiency and your bottom line with efficy Enterprise. 

A CRM your teams will actually love using. 


  • Go from lead to deal, faster. Automate your Marketing-to-Sales flow. 

    Attract and convert more leads and turn big-picture insights into increased sales. We provide all the tools you need to better manage your Sales and Marketing efforts, optimise, and grow.

    • Target with precision and nurture prospects through the funnel with smart personalisation.  
    • Track your opportunities in full view and never miss a winning connection.
    • Optimise performance with intuitive automation, KPI dashboards, and easy reporting
  • Spend less time managing and more time winning clients.

    Reach your goals faster with advanced project management tools. The Project Management Module is made to increase your company’s productivity and revenue, never your costs.  

    • Track all your activities and resources — shift tasks across your team in seconds.
    • Easily manage unlimited documents. Link them to contacts, meetings, and more.
    • Keep teams in-the-know with consolidated customer and project data. 
  • More customers mean more customer support. Give them another reason to keep smiling.

    Turn customers into life-long sales representatives with a complete support solution that grows with you. The Support Module helps you handle more tickets quickly and meet every customer’s needs.

    • Efficiently manage request tickets with automatic incident management.
    • Expedite response rates with notifications to keep customers happy.
    • Use shared customer data to provide ongoing personalised support that delights. 
Join the 13,500+ customers using efficy to grow their business.
  • Wim Bervoets Group Jansen

    "I would definitely recommend efficy. It is a Belgian company that is close to its customers and has a pragmatic approach. efficy CRM  itself is user-friendly and easy to master"

  • Thierry Gravet Wilink

    "Before efficy CRM came on board, customer knowledge was pretty vague in the minds of sales representatives and we didn’t have this single view of the customer" 

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

    "We chose efficy CRM for its multilingual capabilities. Regardless of their area of operation in the world, our sales teams now have a single interface."