• efficy Tribe Essentials

    25€ /user
    25€ /user

    Ready-to-use CRM for small businesses and startups that helps you connect with more customers, lock in more sales, and simplify all your processes. *Minimum 2 users

    • Analytics & Reports
    • Easy-to-use Email Marketing
    • Opportunity Management

    efficy Tribe Advanced

    39€ /user
    39€ /user

    Easy-to-implement, configurable CRM that helps you generate more high-quality leads and effectively manage your pipeline to scale faster. *Minimum 2 users

    • Multi-channel Lead Management  
    • Marketing Automation  
    • Pipeline Management 

    efficy Enterprise

    66€ /user
    60€ /user

    Complete CRM that helps you better track and manage your activities, save time and resources, and brings your teams together to drive impact.

    • Advanced CRM
    • Project Management
    • Timesheeting


    All our CRM plans include:

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  • Lite

    110€ /month
    100€ /month

    For up to 1000 contacts*

    All the tools you need to build your list and grow your business.

    • Calendar
    • Email Marketing
    • Forms and landing pages
    Top choice


    231€ /month
    210€ /month

    for up to 2500 contacts*

    Get data-driven insights for more precise targeting and marketing.

    • Insights
    • Marketing Automation
    • SMS


    363€ /month
    330€ /month

    for up to 5000 contacts*

    Take personalisation to the next level with our all-in-one solution.

    • +2 Accounts Users
    • Custom Events tracking
    • Website Tool

    All our marketing plans include:

    Email marketing
    Forms and Landing pages
    Free support

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How many users can I have on efficy CRM? Is there a cost for additional users?

While there is a minimum number of users for each license, there is no limit to the number of maximum users who may gain access to efficy CRM. The cost for each additional user depends on the package you have chosen, so you only pay for what you need!

How much technical knowledge do I need to be able to migrate to or implement efficy CRM?

We provide personalised support through a dedicated local Project Manager to ensure the success of migration to or implementation of efficy CRM. We will be by your side at every stage of the process, from project scoping to user training. 

Why should I care about GDPR?

If you mismanage personal data or violate GDPR compliance, your company could face a fine of up to EUR 20 million, or 4% of its global annual turnover. Obtaining consent to collect personal information allows your business to process contracts, deliveries, and invoices more reliably, while ensuring your customers feel confident that their data is being handled responsibly.

Why should I care about my data being hosted in the EU or US?

The CLOUD legislation in the United States mandates that cloud service providers give data to US authorities upon request. This also applies to American companies that process European data. A request from the authorities is sufficient, and neither an explanation nor a court order is required. 

The key issue with allowing an American company to process your European personal data is the intrusive nature of the surveillance programs undertaken by the US government and intelligence agencies allowed by Section 702 of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and Executive Order 12333 (viewed as disproportionate under the GDPR). 

The GDPR was created to protect European's citizens data, to give rights to data subjects at a time where the data is a resource used by companies to make profit. The core idea is to protect the European citizens. 

Can efficy CRM be integrated with Outlook or Office 365?

Yes. We have a Microsoft Office plug-in that will allow you to fully integrate efficy CRM with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Every document, spreadsheet, or presentation can be saved in the CRM solution and be linked to a Customer Relationship Process.

What support options are provided by efficy CRM?

We offer several support options to our customers globally by live chat, phone or email. But our customers situated in Europe can receive faster resolution from our dedicated specialists in their own time zone over the phone. Depending on the efficy CRM plan you choose, you may get access to the Extranet, our request and incident management portal. Learn more about our technical and support services here.

What other integrations can be synced with efficy CRM?

efficy also has an easy-to-use digital marketing solution for advanced personalisation. With native tools, for Email, SMS, Forms, Landing Pages, and Marketing Automation, you can transform your CRM data into customer experience magic seamlessly.

Which ERP can efficy CRM be integrated with?

efficy CRM can be integrated with almost any ERP system using an API or a Flat file. Connect your IT team with an efficy representative to determine which option is best for your company.

Can I upgrade my efficy CRM plan at any time?

You can add products or upgrade your plan at any time. Reach out to our Sales team to see what works best for your business.

What type of CRM is efficy?

Our CRM solution aims to help you sell faster and smarter. With different plans that can be fully customised to your business needs. Support is provided with every license and includes 48-hour response time. We also offer interactive webinars, events, guided onboarding, and data hosting within the EU.

Can I migrate data or contacts from my existing CRM to efficy CRM?

We have APIs available to allow similar syncing of data to efficy CRM. If you don't have an integration in place, you can import data and contacts through File Import. File formats we support are .csv and .xls.

Can I import data from Excel® to efficy CRM?

Yes. Since you can export data from Excel® as a .CSV or .XLS file. You can import your existing contacts using our File import Wizard, which is available to administrators and users with access to efficy CRM.

How much will efficy CRM cost me?

We offer a range of pricing plans for efficy CRM, beginning as low as €17.50 per user, per month for Core Essentials. All plans come with common CRM functionalities like Outlook and Gmail integration, mobile application, and unlimited storage. But our Enterprise and Corporate plans come with more advanced features to help you sell better and faster. Let us match you to the perfect plan here.