Opportunity management

Keep all your opportunities in clear view, boost collaboration for more wins, and fine-tune your performance for lasting growth. 

Gain a 360-degree view of every opportunity.

Tracking your best opportunities just got way easier. Seamlessly configure your sales pipeline, keep key deals in sight and propel them forward, and gain full visibility into individual and team performance.

We’ll show you all your historical interaction data linked to your opportunities so you can use insights on your prospects’ needs to build your offers more effectively.

With your most important information available at a glance, you can keep your focus on connecting with customers and hitting your quotas. 

Collaborate better. Sell more.

Coordinate your sales activities, share progress, and stay in the know on exactly which opportunities to focus your efforts as a team.

From the moment an opportunity is detected, sales reps can create and issue quotes from efficy CRM with just a few clicks. Thanks to centralised document management, users can link files to their opportunities for easy sharing – from the quote, to contract, to any other document.

With your sales team aligned, you can move in sync and unite around the best opportunities to close more deals. 


Create accurate sales forecasts and streamline your goals.

With real-time opportunity data, forecasting, and competitive insights at your fingertips, we're here to help you make your best moves.

In efficy CRM, we help you accurately predict future revenue with forecasting analytics. Measure and improve your forecasts as you go to set more realistic goals — and streamline reaching them. 



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