Sales automation

Create predictable growth and replace your repetitive sales tasks with efficy CRM Sales Automation. Combine with Marketing Automation to streamline your lead-to-deal flow, or use on its own.

Cut down on time-consuming tasks.

Save time from manual data entry with contact records and interaction history automatically populated.  

With code-free and low-code automations, you can easily customise your workflows the way you like them.

Boost collaboration and productivity.

Keep your team on the same page with real-time task progress updates, reminders, shared contact information, and automated scheduling and reports.

Whenever a contact takes meaningful action, get notified right away so your team can unite around closing the deal.

Close deals faster.

Generate new leads from multiple sources and build workflows to score leads and pair them with the right sales rep. You’ll close more deals — faster — with personalisation and automatic follow-ups.

Automate follow-ups and keep customers happy.

Keep building relationships even when you’re offline with automated messages and follow-ups. Send personalised texts and emails as soon as potential customers fill out a website or social media form and automate.

Finally, automate invoices, payment reminders, and thank-yous to streamline getting paid.



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