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The Louvre museum chooses efficy CRM as CRM solution.

When talking about the Louvre, of course, we immediately think of the national Louvre museum. However, there is more to it than that: it also includes the Eugène Delacroix museum and the Tuileries gardens.

Among other things, its role is to attract and welcome as many visitors as possible, ensure the preservation and conservation of its collections, and design and promote educational actions.

The choice of efficy CRM.

The Louvre museum chose efficy CRM to manage its customer relationship, its marketing campaigns and to better analyze available data on visitors, leads and patrons.

Thanks to efficy CRM, the Louvre museum can optimize its marketing events (personalized newsletters, event coordination, promotion e-mailings, multi-channel communication, etc.), tailored to its different target audiences: visitors, members, auditorium patrons, but also associations and corporations.

The solution will also be interfaced with the ticketing system, thereby fostering a comprehensive customer-oriented approach.

Thanks to efficy CRM’s dashboard feature, users can analyze data, measure the efficiency of promotional activities (digital marketing, event registration, etc.) and define visitor profiles so as to, in turn, define appropriate segmentations.

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  • Fréderic Daruty 20 Minutes

    "Implementing efficy CRM forms part of a strategy to develop our relationship with our readers and micro-communities, in addition to our mass media capacity."

  • Valérie Exilie RATP

    "efficy CRM has given us global coverage, can be adjusted to meet new needs quickly and easily, and was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints of our Information System." 

  • Catherine Jansen

    "efficy CRM reporting is highly appreciated by our employees" 


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