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RATP is a key player in public transport in the Ile-de-France region. Each year, 3 billion passengers use its services in the greater Paris area. As part of a strategy to redefine its commercial policy, RATP chose to centralize the management of claims through the establishment of a contact center and to use efficy CRM. 

Our network is experiencing strong growth in patronage, all the while undergoing massive infrastructure upgrades. This inevitably leads to traffic disruptions and therefore to an increase in the number of claims. 

On top of these claims, there are requests for information, lost property requests and thank you messages. This translates into about 50,000 requests per month to be handled by the contact center.

  • Valérie Exilie RATP

    "efficy CRM has given us global coverage, can be adjusted to meet new needs quickly and easily, and was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints of our Information System." 

A much-needed policy to redefine and modernize long-distance Customer Relationship.

«For a long time, Customer Relationship Management at RATP was decentralized. There were 22 individual points of contact and a single telephone number.

In addition to this, travelers could file a complaint at any of our counters, and claim forms were available on all RATP websites.

Behind each channel, a dedicated team managed claims and complaints using their own, specific tools.

Reporting actions were very tedious because each tool had its own qualification categories for claims, and consolidating data was a timeconsuming and daunting task

In 2010, in order to optimize our action and improve the service provided to our customers, General Management initiated a major project to redefine our long-distance Customer Relationship.».

A large-scale project to address many expectations.

This project serves several objectives:

  • to centralize the teams in charge of Customer Relationship in a single place, using a common tool;
  • to standardize claim management processes and responses;
  • to share information with interested parties regarding the reasons of discontent among public-transport users to help them improve the service they provide;
  • and, lastly, to reinforce customer knowledge so as to communicate with our customers in a more personalized way

«One of the main challenges of this project was managing both the reorganization of the teams and their working methods and the deployment of a new Customer Relationship Management solution simultaneously. Especially in view of the fact that we already knew what we needed the future CRM software to do…

We wanted a software suite that did not require specific developments. This is a mistake we made in the past, and which prevented us from making the most of the upgrades proposed by our software publishers. We did not want to repeat that. »

«We also wanted a SaaS solution, to avoid having to make changes to our existing Information System.

With these constraints, efficy CRM emerged as the best option for us. In addition to it being French, this modular suite allowed us to cover all our needs while avoiding the complexity trap.

Moreover, the efficy CRM integration team was fully committed to the success of our project. »

A tool which can evolve over time and adapt to future needs.

«Our efficy CRM users are growing more and more comfortable with the solution, and the database of resources available to them to handle claims continues to grow.

We are also considering integrating our Customer Relationship Management strategy within a community communication project. »

To be continued…

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  • Simple and scalable reorganization of Information System
  • Centralized data to improve customer knowledge
  • Pooled resources for a more agile organization
  • More personalized Customer Communication management
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    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."

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    "Implementing efficy CRM forms part of a strategy to develop our relationship with our readers and micro-communities, in addition to our mass media capacity."

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    "efficy CRM reporting is highly appreciated by our employees" 


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