Ticketing system

Streamline how you handle ticket requests and meet every customer’s needs, so you can build lasting relationships. 

Stay organised — manage all your customer tickets from one place.

As you grow, so too does the difficulty of monitoring each customer request. With the efficy CRM Ticketing System, we help you keep track of every customer’s needs with all their information, interaction history, and relevant notes integrated and organised.

Regardless of the channel a customer makes a request — phone, email, social media, form, or chatbot — you’ll stay on top of every ticket and its status and provide better — faster — support from one structured inbox.

Respond to requests quicker. Cut down on repetitive work.

Customer requests have to be handled swiftly. Prioritise your workload more effectively, so you can take on the most urgent cases first. In efficy CRM, each request is immediately routed to the right person on your team.

As you go, we’ll help you save hours each week by cutting down your repetitive support tasks with automation.

Empower your customers to help themselves.

Keep customers delighted with more convenient support. With the efficy CRM Self-Service Portal, customers can help themselves through Knowledge Base articles and community forums.

Further save agents’ time by providing a hub for customers to track the progress of their requests.

Boost your performance with the KPI dashboard.

Easily view key support metrics like response rate, ticket volume, and more, and gain actionable insights on how to build better experiences that keep your customer relationships going strong.



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