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Group Jansen supports all their sales activities with efficy CRM. 

Group Jansen is an outsider in the construction world. As a renovation and construction company, they have been taking a unique approach for more than 50 years, thinking from the inside out.

The wishes of all the people who work, live, heal or enjoy a building are central to this company and its almost 700 professionals.

Group Jansen gets to work with them, creating places to be in various sectors (retail, office buildings, tunnels, hospitals, hotels or clean rooms). 
With this mindset, Group Jansen is aware of how important contact moments with their customers are.

Choosing efficy CRM was therefore a logical step.

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  • Wim Bervoets Group Jansen

    "I would definitely recommend efficy. It is a Belgian company that is close to its customers and has a pragmatic approach. efficy CRM  itself is user-friendly and easy to master"

A strategy of excellence.

“Our IT always works according to a best-of-breed strategy.

As a result, we were looking above all for a simple CRM solution that we could implement quickly and with which every Jansen colleague could get to work. efficy CRM was the answer.

During the selection phase, efficy followed our typical pragmatic approach. They also provided us with a lot of connectivity options in the new CRM platform (Outlook, BI Tool, Dashboard).

The fact that efficy is a Belgian company also played an important role,” says Wim Bervoets, ICT Business Analyst at Group Jansen.

Fast and efficient implementation.

Group Jansen switches and decides quickly. They needed a solution that could do the same.   “We think and work very pragmatically and we expect the same from our CRM solution and CRM provider. 

Of course, the people at efficy had to get used to it in the beginning. But they managed to provide the necessary support and meet the deadlines while maintaining a flexible approach and smooth cooperation,” explains Wim Bervoets. “The project was completed in 3 to 4 months, and this during the construction holidays. “ 

A 360° view is a must.

“Always being aware of all customer contact moments is not self-evident. Several parties may be involved in a single occasion. The CRM system must be a tool that ensures every customer experience is seamless and supports us in our sales activities.

We want to better map our sales activities, streamline them, share them between our teams and filter out the necessary insights. efficy CRM helps us with this. In our business, it’s very important that the CRM module gives us an overview across all our departments. 

A 360° view of all our sales activities is an absolute must,” explains Philippe Rosseel, COO at Group Jansen.

A user-friendly sales tool.

“Group Jansen led a change management strategy,” says Philippe Rosseel. “Good training was important here for the users. Again, very pragmatic. First of all, the users were immersed in the new material, then they put their learnings into practice in a reactive way and finally efficy CRM became a permanent player in every sales team meeting. ”

“The users certainly had to adapt to working with the new CRM tool, but in the meantime the added value is clear to them. Thanks to efficy CRM, our sales team gets a useful overview of all missed/won opportunities and a thorough insight which is a great help in achieving the business goals. 

”For us, the top three benefits of efficy CRM are: insights, document management and a clear overview at project level,” summarises Philippe Rosseel. 

Keep growing with efficy.

One of Group Jansen’s next CRM challenges is to launch a new estimation tool to which will provide data when moving to CRM. In addition, the further development of API capabilities is being investigated. 

“In the long term, efficy CRM will continue to support us in our day-to-day tasks and our operations across the group’s various departments. We are convinced that this will allow us to filter even more insights out of our data”, says Wim Bervoets.

Key Figures.




opportunities in a year


  • Better insights to add value to the business (dashboards/overviews) 
  • Efficient document management 
  • Overview at project level
  • Clear view on all contact moments, even when multiple parties are involved.
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  • Anne Thuilliert Auditech Innovations

    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

    "We chose efficy CRM for its multilingual capabilities. Regardless of their area of operation in the world, our sales teams now have a single interface." 

  • Nicolas Chery DKV Euro Service

    "We were looking for a CRM that would be integrated into the work of the sales staff, that would be modular and that would allow us to monitor the activity in a very detailed way."


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