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Auditech Innovations structures its sales follow-up and boosts growth thanks to efficy CRM.

To support its growth and business development, this family business with 45 employees had decided to make efficy CRM a key tool for its sales force. 

For almost 20 years, Auditech Innovations, a French manufacturer, and designer of moulded hearing protectors, have been putting innovation at the heart of its strategy to offer its 8,000 customers hearing safety for their employees. 

With one overall goal, to design and distribute solutions adapted to the modern workplace.

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  • Anne Thuilliert Auditech Innovations

    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

The aim: centralise customer intelligence.

Before adopting efficy CRM, Auditech Innovations staff identified and monitored customers using Excel spreadsheets.

To support its growth and accelerate business development, the company decided to take the plunge and launch an audit to equip the three salespeople in the team with a CRM solution.

“Our aim was to centralise all of our knowledge on one collaborative database and equip ourselves with a solution that would allow us to structure sales management processes” explains Anne Thuillier, Commercial Relations Officer at Auditech Innovations.

The choice of an adapted and adaptable solution.

Searching for a solution to meet their operational requirements, that could be applied to their activity and offered secure data hosting, the Auditech Innovations team was very quickly won over by efficy CRM.

“efficy CRM was recommended to us and got our attention from their first demonstration.

CRM solution offers a rich functional scope with an extensive capacity for customisation. It is excellent value for the money.

The native integration with Outlook and ease of use ended up convincing us.”

With the project underway, the CRM was deployed in the company in a short four months from the framework phase to the complete training of users.

Made to measure sales follow-up, customised customer relations.

Today, every account manager can access sales history in a few clicks and the time savings are invaluable. “It is an advantage for them to have this memory available and it saves them precious time in their day-to-day management.” As soon as there is a change of sector or a new employee, they find the history entered directly into the customer file. “So, we ask the sales team to enter a lot so they can exploit this structured information.” 

efficy CRM has become the main customer relationship management tool for the company and allows us to launch targeted marketing campaigns. Newsletter distribution, satisfaction surveys and more. The team can now launch three campaigns at the same time targeted at new customers, regular customers, and former customers with automatic, contextualized, custom messages. 

“Thanks to the CRM, we have increased the number and effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We have also widened our use of web lead management via the website with the implementation of business management and follow-up process. This means we can now track order quantities and, thanks to automation, structure our processes to respond to different cases. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!”

Objectives reached.

“Most of our initial objectives have now been obtained. The enhancement and consolidation of the database in the CRM has brought us a great deal. Information sharing between technical, sales and administrative departments has improved. Intervention reports are now entered in the CRM and the information is centralized and exploited by all our employees.” concludes Anne Thuillier.

Key Figures.





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The results.

  • Enhancement, consolidation, and centralization of customer intelligence
  • Simplification of sales follow-up and increased productivity
  • Automated, targeted campaigns
  • Simplified monitoring of the distribution network
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  • Nicolas Chery DKV Euro Service

    "We were looking for a CRM that would be integrated into the work of the sales staff, that would be modular and that would allow us to monitor the activity in a very detailed way."

  • Patrick Bois-d'Enghien BAW

    "We needed a tool that was simple, quick to set up and very collaborative."


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