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Interview with Mr. Patrick Bois d’Enghien, marketing and development manager of BAW who talks about their CRM project.

  • Patrick Bois-d'Enghien BAW

    "We needed a tool that was simple, quick to set up and very collaborative."

The context.

We were using Oracle CRM, which was only partially integrated with our Google messaging system and tended to restrict communication and information exchange. Moreover, it was rather heavy and complex.

Nobody knew how to use it, the functional coverage was too rich, closed and not very user-friendly. Moreover, we could not integrate our emails or share our agendas. We needed a simple tool, quick to set up and very collaborative.

We did a market study and efficy was among the leaders. For our internal use we only had about 30 users to manage, so we focused on ease of use and Google integration rather than functional coverage.

Today we synchronize calendars and archive key emails in efficy from Gmail without any problems.

A CRM centered on user needs.

The project was led by the marketing department and not by the IT department, so it was important to free ourselves from all the technical constraints to focus on the uses.

My role was to lead the evaluation team, select a solution and defend the budget to our CEO. I also had to coordinate the deployment of the project. The efficy launch took me about a month.

We didn’t have any problems implementing efficy within the sales and marketing teams, the team training lasted 6 days. 

The most difficult part was getting the business managers to use efficy as a management tool. Fortunately, we were able to call on our CEO to help us with this.

A collaborative solution.

From a CRM that we thought of as a contact and opportunity management system, we decided to capitalize on the collaborative aspects of efficy, which proved to be particularly effective. We went from 15 to 40 users in the company and deployed the solution to our teams in England.

efficy was so quick to set up and easy to access that we didn’t even think about using a collaborative tool. It met our requirements. On a daily basis, we have to manage very complex projects with a lot of interactions and themes where we have to manage cross-functional tasks grouped by theme. 

efficy has simplified our work, now we can manage these projects very easily internally.

How has efficy improved your business management?

Business At Work frequently mobilizes multidisciplinary teams on complex pre-sales, we work on cross-functional projects. We need to know what is being done between the different teams.

efficy CRM quickly established itself as the platform for sharing information and tracking tasks.

The project at a glance.





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  •  « We therefore needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that would allow us to have different approaches. Our objective: to develop our reputation and to structure the sales department in order to quickly consolidate our sales. »

  • "In 3 years, the Lyon branch of the DCF association has gone from 70 to 150 members. This growth in membership has forced the organization's managers to rethink their communication and management of member relations."


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