Case study CRM for association: PV Cycle and Efficy CRM
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PV Cycle and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for association

About PV Cycle

Founded in 2007 by the European photovoltaic industry, PV CYCLE is an association (non-profit) of producers and manufacturers.

PV CYCLE started its activity as a photovoltaic waste management organisation offering its services to European producers.

PV CYCLE already processed several thousands of tons of used photovoltaic panels.

In 2014, with the directive DEEE, the company changed its dimension and greatly gained in power, taking over the responsibility of complying with the European directive on the management of electric and electronic waste.

Today, PV CYCLE brings together several national subsidiaries managing its daily operations and offering solutions of processing and compliance with the national laws for the managing of waste from a great variety of solar equipment.

Its headquarters is located in Brussels but has six other branches in six other European countries. 14 employees of PV CYCLE use Efficy CRM on a daily basis.

What were your initial needs?

PV CYCLE’s initial needs were mainly to obtain a centralized database.

Michel Henneghien, Key Account Manager who started at PV CYCLE in 2014 had the habit of using a CRM to manage the Marketing and Trade activity on a daily basis.

He had the impulse to set up a CRM: “When I arrived at PV CYCLE, there was no centralized database of all clients and prospects. We only had an ERP. Unfortunately, this only gathered data on existing clients (and not the prospects).

Furthermore the ERP software didn’t include all the contacts, very often there was only the signatory and the company accountant. I pleaded for the installation of a CRM to centralized client and prospect intelligence and improve our commercial efficiency“.
The goal was to have a “premium address book”, but also to integrate the centralization of documents into a single system (emails, commerical offers, technical documents…).

The need to centralize the data was even more substantial as the enterprise was present in 7 countries with nearly fifteen users in Brussels, Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf and England.

Why did we choose Efficy CRM?

Michel Henneghien already had a strong CRM culture: “In my previous jobs, I already had worked with two CRMs that are on the market, but I called a mini-tender anyway.

Efficy CRM replied very efficiently, with the best price. What made the choice easier was that fact that we could attend to a training day with Efficy clients in order to gain better knowledge on how to use the product“.

Efficy also interested PV CYCLE at the technical level: “For instance, Efficy CRM distinguishes the contact record from the the company record, which is unusual for many CRMs on the market…

In many CRMs the contact is forcedly linked to a company. In Efficy we can create the contact, and then link it to the company, or several companies.”
said Michel Henneghien.

Finally, the upgradeability of the product was a key element: “I also appreciated the interaction, and the fact that the product evolves with the versions. I also like the quality of the support, with answers and functional upgrades which come very quickly. We got the feeling that we were participating in the evolution of the software.”

What did the CRM software change in your company?

For PV CYCLE, CRM had a positive impact on their daily activities: “What was positive is that now we can find any information easily. We no longer have requests like “Can you send me the client’s email? Can you send me the documents by email?”… everything is centralize

The CRM was also helpful in achieving compliance with the ISO 9000 norm: “We integrated the management of client complaints in Efficy, which helped to obtain the ISO 9000 norm. Today, the management of the clients complains works very well

What are the future updates you want to see in your CRM system?

The next stage for PV CYCLE is to integrate the Efficy Marketing Module:

“We are putting in place an emailing process with Flexmail. We regularly send a newsletter to our members (for instance to communicate a change in regulation in some countries), in several languages.”

Another point is to further push the adoption by users, some users being very big users, while others still don’t have the “CRM reflex”.

Eventually, PV CYCLE wants to strenghten the links between Efficy and its ERP : “We want to centralize even more data, and to prevent rekeying, to obtain a more substantial 360° view .”

Main functions used:

-Contacts & Companies
-Document management