Case study CRM for technology Industry: Ixoconcept and Efficy CRM
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Customer Testimonial: Ixoconcept

About Ixoconcept

Ixoconcept has more than 10 years of experience with fulfilment and concepts for loyalty, gifts and is also active in e-commerce.

Ixoconcept is the company behind the webshops shopvoorgezondheid.nland Ixoconcept sends maternity packets for renowned Dutch health insurance companies.

‘As we provide concepts for customer loyalty we are determined to have a high level of service to our customer. That’s why we insist on answering mails and that customers can reach us by phone’ says purchase and logistics manager Ronald Assmann.

Keeping quality at a high level is crucial for the ISO 9001 certified company.


A lot of the information was difficult to find or even only in the head of a colleague. When the colleague was busy or ill problems could easily escalate. ‘We needed to professionalize’ says Mister Assmann.

Searching for data was a problem within the company. Details for specific projects or about specific customers was time-consuming and demanded a lot of discipline with a tree structure on the hard drives.

Keep track of complaints to keep up with ISO certification.

There was no link between the CMS of the webshops and the spreadsheets.

The service desk employee was spending too much time handling the requests.

To register communication with customers Ixoconcept copied e-mails to their own e-mail addresses.

All the colleagues needed to be notified about every issue of every customer as one could be sick or on leave.

Test reports were stored on hard drives.

The administration of the return goods was not accessible for every employee. This could cause mistakes.

To keep ahead with regard to the level of quality with the ever increasing competition.

Bring the service level as high as possible and don’t compete on price.


‘For us Efficy is truly the combination of efficiency and effectiveness. I often show Efficy to my customers and business partners as a proof of how much we are in control of the process.’

‘With Efficy we managed to get rid of data redundancy. Systems are linked to and through Efficy.

It’s fully integrated with the Office software. ‘Especially the mail link is very important as we want to make the difference by giving personal attention to our customers.’

When a customer calls we have all the information at our fingertips.

Efficy is fast. Searching for data could be done in several ways because of the connection between every entity and the easy search bar.

The introduction of new gadgets is done within Efficy using the Project functionality. All activities involved with such an introduction are linked together including certification documents.

‘With Efficy it’s easy to keep track of complaints and documents and to be ISO 9001 certified’.

Orders from the websites or webshops go straight into Efficy.

Mail selections are done from Efficy and it is linked to Exact.

Via the ticket system of Efficy a workflow is automatically generated by complains of customers. Within a minute the client will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the e-mail.

When the complains are dispatched to an employee an mail will be generated to the client saying who is working on it. When the complain / problem is solved a last e-mail will be generated with a customer survey included.

This gives the management insights of the performance of the service desk.

All data is securely stored in Efficy ranging from documents to mails.

The administration of returning goods is now done structured in Efficy.

‘As everyone in the company works with Efficy we don’t send mails to each other but add a task in Efficy when we need a colleague to take care of something.’

‘Efficy is especially important for us to efficiently do complaint management with emails etcetera linked. The return goods management is completely covered by Efficy.'

Working with Efficy

After a selection of several very diverse products Ixoconcept chose xCRM system Efficy. ‘With Efficy we managed to get rid of data redundancy. Systems are linked to and through Efficy. Orders from the website go straight into Efficy.

The ROI of Efficy was realised within a few months.

The price is fair and transparent. The price of the licences are all-in, no extra costs. No surprises.

The Efficy employees are approachable (8 out of 10). I’ve noticed that right from the first contact moment. Now, I’m not just a number. I’m feeling like an appreciated customer.

Efficy is extreme user friendly – I give it a score of 9 out of 10!

Efficy is flexible, efficient and could be approached from different angles. Efficy is using the atomic model to explain how all entities are connected.

Efficy delivers time. Relevant information which I want to consult is found very fast.