Case study CRM for Mutual: Solimut Mutual and Efficy CRM
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Solimut Mutual and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for Mutual

About Solimut

Solimut, Mutual Grouping Union (Union Mutualiste de Groupe) for health and welfare, brings together :Mutuelle de France Plus, Mutuelle de France Prévoyance, Mutuelle Familiale de la Corse, Mutuelle de France 04/05, Mutami, Mutuelle de France Bretagne Centre Océan.

It has been created to offer stronger, better adapted solutions for professionals.

Solimut covers 760 000 personnes across 58 departements, bringing together 600 elected volunteers, 800 employees, has a turnover of €365 million and pays around €300 million in benefits.

Solimut and the Implementation of a CRM Solution

Managing marketing and commercial information in an efficient and convenient manner within the framework of the new ANI law.

From the 1st January 2016, businesses will have to offer a complementary cooperative to all of their employees.

This aspect of the Securement Law for work is applied to a complex and diverse system.

The Solimut group’s organisation and working methods will be progressively adapted to this new regulation since each cooperative organisation must henceforth favour the collective (business) market rather than the private individual market.

In order to best assist developers (or sales representatives) and help them provide the most pertinent offers to businesses, Solimut has decided to implement a solution allowing for the pooling of all commercial information, spread across a variety of solutions from each cooperative in the group.

The project team is composed of contributors from information systems management and development management, such as Yannick Porracchia, director of development.

This last point signals the fact that “CRM must be a central tool and must bring together all commercial information.

The data linked to our activities (operations, contacts, organisation, etc.) must be easily consultable and our complex pricing tools must equally be available via the application (integration in real time through a web service service).

This solution must automatically generate contractual documents without risk of error.

The preliminary study led by Mutuelle de France Prévoyance reveals that this EFFICY CRM solution best responds to the expectations of the different project stakeholders. The team has thus decided to integrate the new generation of CRM throughout the group.

Yannick Porracchia, has furthermore indicated that “the choice to use EFFICY CRM has been supported by previous collaborations with FINOPSYS in the finance and accounting sector and the professional experience of the team. ” (Ed : Sage Accounting FRP 1000, Sage XRT Treasury, Invoke Explorer).

The major steps of the project and the specifics

The working group formed from consultants from Finopsys and Solimust achieves functional analysis in December 2013.

Analysis and centralisation of requirements and specifications carried out, phases of development, configuration and validation tests were able to be begun.

2 steps were managed consecutively:

The first phase, the implementation of EFFICY CRM standard functions : company management, contacts, opportunities, agendas, as well as automatic management of documents, initial imports (of contacts in particular) and professional configurations, lasting around 2 months (January-March 2014).

The second phase, the provision of the online underwriter, is delivered in September after two months of configuration and specific development.

"We will next proceed to integration of CRM data into our Production tool, the interfacing of EFFICY CRM with our interactive voice service, and in 2016 we envisage it being used in the individual sector (private individuals)” specifies Yannick Porracchia.

The benefits of Efficy CRM

EFFICY CRM allows for the sharing of information with associates while preserving the confidentiality of certain data.

Thanks to EFFICY CRM, the management of SOLIMUT will henceforth have available reliable activity reports and summaries allowing the control of commercial teams and new tasks given to them.

For operational teams, EFFICY CRM guarantees the suitability of pricing information and offers made to clients and prospective customers, while respecting the complexity of legal and professional regulations.

All data is centralised within a single solution.

Numerous tasks have been automated in order to limit the risk of error: recovery of pricing information via specialised forms, integration of external databases and reallocation to the correct associate, synchronisation with Outlook calendars, detection and processing of double entries… All elements which have eased the work of operational teams.

Yannick PORRACCHIA describes his work with Finopsys as “effective, clear and reactive. In a friendly atmosphere, we have together been able to create a solution which is easily accessible to our associates.”