CRM for Non-profit Organizations
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CRM Solution for Non-profit Organisations and Fundraising

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Museums, non-profit organisations, foundations, higher education or cultural institutions all have one thing in common: subsidies are no longer sufficient to ensure their growth.

To survive, they need donations from private individuals and companies who are increasingly being courted by such organizations.

Attracting new donors, large benefactors, private or corporate patrons, raising funds in a period of global economic downturn, etc., are the challenges that fundraisers face on a daily basis.

With our CRM for patronage, CRM for non-profit organisations, you will be able to focus on your core mission. Thanks to our CRM solutions, you will be able to refine your donor knowledge and so to carry out targeted actions and automate your fundraising campaigns.

The challenges of Customer Relationship Management in the sector of patronage and non-profit organisations

  • Having a qualified donor database
  • Enhancing fund-raising
  • Retaining donors and patrons

Improve your knowledge of your audiences

With efficy’s CRM you can centralise all the information about your contacts (members of your association, patrons, donors, etc.) in a qualified database. Companies and private individuals are all recorded in one single database, and you can track all your interactions with them (appointments, events, mass email campaigns, etc.).

Automate fundraising campaigns

With our CRM solutions, fundraisers can launch fundraising campaigns and monitor their impact. Donations; payments; deductions; the creation of tax receipts; the management of compensation: everything is centralised in a single CRM patronage tool.

Optimise event coordination and information dissemination

Mass emails; mailing campaigns; events; posts on social networks, etc.:  every channel is covered. With our CRM solutions for non-profits and cultural institutions, you can use all channels to communicate with your actual or potential members: different newsletters adapted to donor profiles; organisation of events (invitations and registrations); social media intelligence; and posts on social networks.

Optimising investments

Our CRM for patronage and non-profit organisations enables easy analysis of the impact and outcome of your fundraising campaigns.

You can edit statistics to assess the success of an event, create dashboards to monitor your fundraising activity over the year, etc.