By definition, marketing automation consists in automating certain marketing tasks.

Some routine marketing actions have very little added value, so it is in the company’s interest to automate these actions, leaving the marketing department free to focus on actions with higher added value.


The principles of marketing automation

Marketing automation, also known as trigger marketing, is a new way of approaching marketing.

In fact, it would be more exact to talk about e-mail automation, to the extent that this activity concerns sending emails automatically. Gone are the days of mass-emails, in the sense of companies sending the same message to all their contacts at the same time. And a good thing it is, too!

Marketing departments now script their email automation campaigns and personalise them. If a contact clicks on link 1 that person will receive e-mail A in a week; if the contact clicks on link 2 then email B will be sent within eight days; etc.

The automation marketing scenario can be easily visualised thanks to multi-branch trees. It remains to be seen when the contact will find their place on this tree. Everything is automatic.

Why do you need marketing automation?

The simple answer is because, by definition, marketing automation is designed to save time for marketing teams. However, here are some of the additional benefits you can derive from it:

Improve productivity

Since everything is automated, operational teams spend less time on routine repetitive tasks.

Boost cross-selling

Since your contacts will be more attentive and receptive, you can use this as an opportunity to showcase other offers.

Enhance deliverability

You can ensure your contacts receive your messages at the optimal moment, when they are most likely to open it. You will have their full attention and they will be less likely to ignore your message. Your mass emails will no longer be marked as spam.

Monitor the customer journey closely

You can choose when you want to engage with your customers and prospects, and nothing will derail it! You won’t even have to think about it anymore, because the marketing automation CRM solution does it for you.

How to implement marketing automation?

There are marketing automation solutions or CRM software solutions in which the technology to trigger these campaigns automatically is embedded.

By coupling your CRM and marketing automation, you will have direct access to your click rates as well as a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey directly accessible by the entire company.

In addition, from a sales perspective, this can be used to close leads.