Contact management

At the heart of our CRM, efficy CRM Contact Management helps you stay organised and leverage your data to build better customer relationships. 

Take a 360-degree view of every contact.

Keep a clear picture of all your contacts — whenever, wherever in efficy CRM.

View all historical interaction data linked to your opportunities and use insights on your prospects’ needs to build your offers more effectively.

With your most important information available at a glance, you can keep your focus on connecting with customers. 

Build better relationships.

Automating Contact Management is your key to building great customer relationships. 

Say goodbye to manual data entry that leads to errors and, instead, save time and help your team keep contact and company information organised and up to date.

Fine-tune access rights management.

In efficy CRM, each user only has access to the data that’s relevant to them. Easily create permission rights to ensure your data stays safe and GDPR-compliant.  



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