Document management

Easily collaborate on, manage, and share unlimited documents from one place in efficy CRM.

efficy CRM Document Management with Microsoft 365.

Seamlessly integrate efficy CRM with Microsoft 365 to manage your documents more efficiently without ever needing to switch apps. 

A smart, structured space for all your documents to call home.

We'll help you save valuable time searching for and sharing what’s important. 

With all your documents clearly organised in one digital space, you can seamlessly manage your resources and glide from action to action. 

View documents in context.

Collaborate better by conveniently attaching your documents to project workflows, opportunities, contacts, meetings, and more

Take advantage of templates relevant to your needs. 

Access what you need when you need it.

In efficy CRM, you’ll have access to everything you need — anytime, anywhere — without ever having to switch applications. 

Ensure the right documents stay in the right hands.

Gain control of your document vault by managing access rights.  

With efficy CRM’s role-based security, keep relevant information in the right hands. We make it easy to assign access to users according to their functions in your organisation. 



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