Multichannel Lead Management

Master your end-to-end lead process and capture the most qualified leads from multiple channels to grow your business.

Manage your leads from one centralised place.

See everything at once and take quick action with all your leads in one centralised inbox.

Meet your customers where they are.

Never miss a high-intent lead with automatic lead capture, regardless of the channel. Captivate and organise new leads — even when you’re offline — from:

  • Lead forms
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing campaigns  
  • Social media
  • Live chat   

Prioritise your focus with lead scoring.

With efficy CRM’s intelligent lead scoring, it’s simple to prioritise your leads and boost conversions. 

Set a higher score for your most promising leads — whether from a certain channel or industry.


Trigger personalised messages to leads.

Thanks to personalised, automatic follow-ups based on customer data and activity in efficy CRM, you’ll take your best leads from warm to toasty in no time.

Gain key insights with reporting & analytics.

All your lead KPIs are easily viewable with efficy CRM’s built-in analytics dashboard. Keep clear sight of how many leads you've brought in, where they’re coming from, conversion rates, and more.

With a single click, generate, export, and share reports to any relevant user. 



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