Use game-playing techniques to boost your teams

With Peak Me Up, increase your sales productivity by setting challenges for your sales representatives.

Discover the features of this gamified application.



Peak Me Up: instill healthy competition among your teams

Peak Me Up is an application that uses game-playing techniques to increase sales productivity and drive revenue.

With Peak Me Up, your team will be driven by a dynamic of successive, fun-filled challenges which evolve in real time.

This represents a commercial incentive can help generate more than 20% sales growth.

A mobile solution which motivates your teams in the field

Peak Me Up is 100% mobile. It is designed as much for Sales representatives as for team leaders and managers.

There are specifically adapted user type accounts.

. Peak Me Up is the best way to boost your sales!

One profile, one app

Peak Me Up, the multi-level management app…

The gamification concept is based on the principle that there are four different psychological profiles of players.

Peak Me Up will not only help your sales teams to surpass themselves, but also will enable your team leaders to set objectives and keep an eye on the results of their teams.

Boost your sales representatives with Peak Me Up

Your sales representative will be able to access a dashboard which highlights his/her objectives, performance, and his or her personal records.

They can also view the ranking and see where they stand compared to other sales representatives and other sales teams (regional, national, etc.).

They can view and update their results in real time.

They will be motivated by the challenges and by seeing their progress within their teams.

Sales manager as a team leader

Your sales manager has an overall view of the objectives and results of his or her team.

Performance alerts are automatically sent to him or her whenever there is an update.

This way, he or she always knows what operations their representatives have carried out.

The Manager can create regional, international, team challenges, etc.

This motivates your sales representatives to keep on taking up new challenges.

Advanced management features

The application provides:

  • Clear and shared objectives
  • Dashboard updates in real time
  • Challenges which can be personalised by the Sales Manager,
  • Instant and private messaging between representatives and managers
  • ranking based on results

Learn more about Peak Me Up. Here is a short explanatory video: