Project management

Boost efficiency and collaborate better on projects big and small with Project Management in efficy CRM.

Boost collaboration on every team.

Drive better communication and coordination across your teams for better project outcomes.

Project Management in efficy CRM provides a centralised location where all team members can collaborate on project tasks, share documents, and communicate in real time.

We help each department stay on the same page and on top of their game.  

Make the workday more efficient.

Visualise and connect all of your moving parts to streamline your projects from start to finish.

Automate your manual project management processes — like task allocation, scheduling, and progress tracking — to maximise your efficiency, so you can maintain your focus where it matters most.

Optimise your resource allocation.

View at-a-glance which team members are available, which tasks are assigned, and which deadlines are approaching.

Efficy CRM’s Project Management software takes the hassle out of your resource planning, so you can increase your team’s impact and ensure continual growth. 

Make your best decisions and manage any risks with ease.

In efficy CRM, project managers can maintain real-time visibility into project progress. Uncover new insights and ensure every move you make is well-informed.

We help you confidently identify potential issues and risks early on. Track risk factors — such as budget overruns, schedule delays, and scope creep  — and take corrective action before they develop into major headaches.



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