Bring creativity and customer focus together with efficy CRM for Advertising and Media Agencies.

Stay relevant at all times. Up your game and focus on your client relationships with efficy CRM. Our CRM for media agencies will allow you to deliver a seamless client experience throughout their lifecycle, without losing your creative touch.   



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Get a complete picture of every lead and every client.

Gather all information about your accounts, leads, and deals in a single database. Keep better track of all open opportunities and ongoing projects with a 360-degree view, and stay customer-centric at all times. 

Never miss an interaction. With our CRM for media agencies, every call, message, or meeting is saved and can be accessed at any time or step along the way. 

Maintain successful relationships with individual clients while managing their individual projects. With efficy CRM for media agencies, forget about the chaos and focus on being creative.

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What is CRM for agencies?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps advertising and media agencies discover, manage, and track their efforts to deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer lifecycle, improving their processes with automation, driving sales, and increasing collaboration.

Keep the conversation alive — build long-lasting relationships.

Establish long-term relationships with existing customers and keep them coming back.

With seamless integrations and all your tools, documents and data organised in one place, efficy CRM will free up hours of valuable time so you can stay ahead of the curve and ready to meet all your clients' needs.

Our CRM for agencies allows you to keep engagement going with your clients to build trust.

Remain creative while fulfilling all administrative tasks.

Create a winning combination of creativity and business growth with our CRM for agencies.

Efficy CRM helps you focus where it matters most by keeping your processes organised and automated.

Reduce the time you invest in repetitive task with workflow automation. From welcome emails to internal task reminders, to sending emails to customers when their contract approaches renewal, a large part of your tasks can be handled by our CRM while you focus on providing a better experience to your clients.

Keep your team aligned on all projects, always.

Team alignment and shared goals are key to success. With efficy CRM, make sure all your teams are on the same page by keeping all project information at hand.

There's a lot going on with every project, not to mention every client. With our CRM for agencies, make sure your teams stay on top of the chaos and never miss a call, a visit, or a quote submission, which can lead to missed opportunities.

With efficy CRM for agencies, prioritise your efforts and accelerate your growth.

efficy CRM for agencies — build lasting client relationships with solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are easily customisable with add-ons and integrations, so you can feel confident that your solution fits your unique business needs.

Over 330,000 users are already growing with efficy
  • Benoit Speybroeck Belfius

    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."

  • Nicolas Chery DKV Euro Service

    "We were looking for a CRM that would be integrated into the work of the sales staff, that would be modular and that would allow us to monitor the activity in a very detailed way."

  • Jeoffrey Chmielecki Amma

    "All our contracts, claims and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information"