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Stay up to date in this fast-paced digital world. With our powerful and easy-to-use CRM for IT & Telecom industries, effortlessly personalise and optimise your customer relationships while meeting internal objectives.    



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Streamline your processes, collaborate in real-time, and automate routine tasks in efficy CRM. We make the work day easier, so you can move faster and innovate freely. Trust the data you’re working with to grow with confidence.

With a CRM that’s secure, user-friendly, and adaptable to you — you can adapt faster too.

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What is CRM for IT & Telecoms?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps IT and telecom companies leverage their customer data and drive recurring revenue. From tracking customer history to increasing efficiency on actions such as enquiries, orders and billing, IT and telecom CRM solutions enable growth by providing powerful tools to guide the business into the future.

Provide a delightful customer experience — every time.

With all your customer data organised in one place, we help you ensure exceptional customer service so you can build long-lasting relationships.

Get your team up and running faster with a single sign-on to access all customer information in real time, without bottlenecks.

Efficy CRM allows you to collect data, maintain timely, relevant communication, and follow step-by-step processes to always deliver the best level of service.

Personalise your team's efforts with the right data.

From your support team to your sales and marketing department, efficy CRM enables you to provide a fast and personalised response to your customers' needs.

Use your CRM data to understand your customers' past, present and future, and empower your teams to make smart decisions.

With efficy CRM for IT & Telecom, create personalised communication and build trusting relationships with your customer based on their journey.

Manage your multiple asset lines from one place.

Track and receive alerts on the status of your single or multi-operator dealer contracts and commitments.

Effectively manage your asset base and reduce churn. Use your CRM data to understand your customers' needs and adapt your offer accordingly.

Our CRM for IT & Telecoms companies allows you to renovate, anticipate and update every customer – never lose a renewal again.

efficy CRM for IT & Telecom — build lasting client relationships with solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are easily customisable with add-ons and integrations, so you can feel confident that your solution fits your unique business needs.

Over 330,000 users are already growing with efficy
  • Anne Thuilliert Auditech Innovations

    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

  • Valérie Exilie RATP

    "efficy CRM has given us global coverage, can be adjusted to meet new needs quickly and easily, and was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints of our Information System."