Win new customers for life — automate your road to success with efficy CRM for retail.

Grow your retail business faster with efficy CRM. With our retail CRM, we help you leverage your data to personalise and automate the customer journey, so you can cultivate loyal customers on repeat.    



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Enhance customer loyalty.

Consumers don’t just want a personalised approach anymore — they require it.

With all your data in one place and a 360-degree of your customers in efficy CRM, we help you deliver personalised experiences that build loyalty at every touchpoint — at scale.

Our retail CRM has all the tools you need to segment your customer and prospect database to target with precision. Never miss the chance to let a customer know the shoes they like are on sale, cross-sell based on preferences, and send a reminder when a cart is abandoned — all automatically.

We’ll help you always reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

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  • Valérie Exilie RATP

    "efficy CRM has given us global coverage, can be adjusted to meet new needs quickly and easily, and was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints of our Information System." 

What is a CRM for the retail industry?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps retail businesses easily view and manage all their customer data to personalise their marketing communications, turn more visitors into loyal customers, and provide delightful customer experiences at every stage.

Be omnipresent with efficy CRM.

Empower your omnichannel marketing. Use cross-channel customer data unified in your retail CRM to deliver seamless customer experiences and optimise your retail marketing.

We help you captivate shoppers wherever they wander, track any customer requests or frustrations, identify complaints about your competitors and turn them into opportunities, and even identify influencers for your marketing actions.

With efficy CRM, you’ll gain clear insight into all your target customers’ interactions, so you can drive your growth both in-stores and online.

Gain audience insights and optimise your campaigns.

Get to know the people behind the numbers. We provide retail businesses with a clear overview to measure behaviour and interactions across channels and customer touchpoints.

Gain control and take action with the Dashboard tool. Whether in-depth or at-a-glance, you can easily monitor the progress of your digital marketing campaigns from all devices and channels.

With our retail CRM, understand how and where your customers interact and convert across your channels and uncover any trends. As you go, we make it easy to view your progress with the timeline and beat your numbers — one channel at a time.

efficy CRM for retail — capture and engage more loyal customers with solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are easily customisable with add-ons and integrations, so you can feel confident that your solution fits your unique business needs.

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Over 330,000 users are already growing with efficy.
  • Anne Thuilliert Auditech Innovations

    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

    "We chose efficy CRM for its multilingual capabilities. Regardless of their area of operation in the world, our sales teams now have a single interface." 

  • Arnaud Garnier BNP Paribas

    "efficy CRM in a nutshell: peace of mind. We have reached our cruising speed. efficy has grown a lot over the last few years, it is a genuine partnership."