Central Com.

Specialized in telephony, the Central Com group offers fixed, mobile, internet, network and integration solutions.

As the first independent Bouygues Telecom distributor, the Central Com group currently has over 95 employees in France.

In an increasingly competitive telecom market and with ever more demanding customers, Central Com must transform itself every day.

With the help of efficy, the Bouygues Telecom distributor for companies is launching ambitious projects to optimize its customer relations.

  • "The feedback from the sales teams is clear. From telemarketers to field sales representatives and customer service, everyone is satisfied."

Launch of the project.

Over 100,000 lines of historical data to be cleaned, qualified, completed and migrated. When Central Com’s CRM project began, the telecom company faced a considerable challenge.

After realizing the importance of optimizing our sales follow-up, we quickly trusted efficy CRM, Bouygues Telecom’s distributor partner, to support us and help us update our database.

Thanks to its experts, we were able to identify our needs more precisely so as to guide and facilitate the work of qualifying the database.

If the Central Com and efficy teams are doing everything possible to qualify this important database, it’s because the stakes are high.

Why choose efficy CRM?

Customer relationship is at the center of our strategy. Having modern, adapted and efficient tools to improve the follow-up and the management of the commercial activity becomes vital for a telecom company like ours.

A personalized CRM for sales representatives.

However, Mickael Février’s company has very specific business needs related to its activity as a distributor of Bouygues Telecom’s enterprise solutions.

“We manage many maintenance contracts. It was essential for us to have these contracts in our CRM tool so that we could centralize customer information and track our customers more accurately.”

This challenge was met with efficy CRM, which also integrates the management of all customer telephone fleets. Thanks to an interaction with Bouygues Telecom, Central Com’s CRM automatically records all the information related to customers’ phone lines.

A 360° collaborative platform.

“Our sales representatives have access to all their customers’ data via a single, ergonomic tool. Today, they provide customized answers and considerably increase the final satisfaction of our customers.”

Beyond the management of the fleet and lines, Central Com is gradually integrating numerous functionalities into its CRM: calendar, prospect follow-up campaigns, business management, after-sales service and incident tickets… The company is building a 360-degree tool to monitor and improve its customer relations.

Despite these many transformations, Michael Février’s company does not intend to rest on its laurels. In an increasingly competitive market, Central Com must diversify its activities. This has been done with the acquisition of the telecom installer 2ACOM. A new team, new data and new customers that Mickael Février intends to migrate to efficy CRM.

“Our objective is clear: to have a central tool for both companies so that we can pool our knowledge and propose up-sell and cross-sell offers.”

The project at a glance.




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