Dalkia puts its expertise at the service of its customers to develop, implement and manage innovative, greener and more economical energy solutions for the sustainable growth of cities and businesses. Its business: accelerating the sustainable energy transition of its partners.

Dalkia’s Central-West region is equipping itself with a CRM tool to be closer to its customers and to structure the work of part of its sales force. It all starts with an ambitious development plan.

The Centre-West region is recruiting sales consultants to manage middle market contracts. The aim is to pool and optimize sales management.

These sedentary advisors are now responsible for anticipating key moments in the contracts and monitoring the commercial activities of each customer account.

  • "We have completely structured the work of the sales force thanks to CRM. Our sales force benefits from automatic reminders to anticipate the end of contracts, follow up on a customer, etc. A considerable gain in efficiency."

Find the "cockpit" of the new organization.

We have a national tool adapted to the sales tunnel that manages the flow of business, but it quickly became apparent that we needed a market tool that would allow us to aggregate customer knowledge and industrialize certain sales operations, a “cockpit” dedicated to all sales consultants.

In order to fuel my thinking, I went to several trade shows dedicated to sales and customer relations solutions. I then interviewed editors and selected five tools that were adapted to our project.

Following a brief presentation of the field of possibilities, the management commissioned a consulting firm to organize a call for tenders.

We worked as a team and asked the selected publishers to submit their proposals.

During these first presentations, one company came out on top…

Why choose efficy CRM?

We were quickly seduced by efficy CRM’s very agile nature. 

Whether it’s the customization of fields, ticket management or the autonomy of configuration, the proposed tool seems to be in line with our expectations.

Turning into a data scientist.

The specifications required retrieving customer information from SAP by extracting it and importing it into efficy and to have a tool that was easy to use and quick to deploy. The project took place over a year. The project started with the efficy and Dalkia teams. But they were faced with an unexpectedly large task.

“Cleaning up our databases was a big job. During this process, I became a bit of a data scientist to architect the data, i.e. to select, sort, qualify and harmonize it. efficy’s teams were very responsive and helped us move forward. All this required a lot of energy but it was an exciting job that benefited everyone.”

Structuring the sales approach, gaining in efficiency.

We have completely structured the work of our sales staff thanks to CRM. From now on, we have almost completely banished the Excel tables. Our sales force benefits from automatic reminders to anticipate the end of contracts, follow up on a customer, etc. A considerable gain in efficiency.

Similarly, all complaints are managed via efficy in a system of tickets assigned to the right people.

“In our business, we don’t see our customers every day. Therefore, having a real exhaustive and shared customer knowledge base is a significant asset. Today, we capitalize on this knowledge to act efficiently on the relational and commercial level.”

All these actions will enable Dalkia to further improve customer satisfaction. Anne Plancke has even created a tab in efficy dedicated to managing this satisfaction. This page gathers a lot of CRM data and gives her a 360-degree view of all the customer contacts.

Towards a more detailed customer analysis. In the future, we would like to go even further in the finesse of our reporting and in customer analysis.

The project at a glance.



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