FBI Groupe.

Reseller of printing peripherals since 1989, the FBI Group, Fabre Bureautique Informatique, 2nd largest Xerox dealer group in France, accompanies its customers nationwide to advise them on the best printing equipment, copier, printer or multifunction printer adapted to their company.

Benefiting from the ISO 9001 certified Xerox after-sales service throughout the country, the group, with its extensive experience in digital printing and software solutions, advises its customers to prioritize and satisfy their needs as best as possible.

  • "Is it possible to change your CRM? How to overcome the reluctance linked to change management and successfully migrate data from the old software?"

The project's context.

In strong growth, the FBI Group, a Xerox dealer, has decided to harmonize its CRM by equipping itself with a new tool that matches its ambitions and is in line with its strategy: “We have chosen to own all our solutions.

This is why we decided to adopt a new CRM, adapted to our business and hosted on our technical infrastructure”

To achieve this, the company drew up precise specifications.

We defined several criteria: the new CRM should not lose any of the functionality of the old software, Salesforce. In addition, we wanted a tool that was very easy to use and accessible on the move for our many traveling salespeople.

The data integration challenge.

After this customization phase, the FBI Group and efficy teams faced another, more technical challenge: data recovery.

On efficy’s side, a specialized engineer helped us evaluate the need and then extract and harmonize all the information from our old CRMs to integrate it into the new one. This was a major undertaking because the data came from different sources and with different standards.

The deployment was done in four batches: first the Lyon agency, then the Valence agency, later the Montélimar teams and finally those of Saint-Étienne, Mende and Montpellier.

Why choose efficy CRM?

Efficy CRM showed great flexibility in adapting to our needs, both in terms of infrastructure and functionality, and in terms of business customization.

The specifications required us to retrieve customer information from SAP by extracting it and importing it into Efficy and to have a tool that was easy to use and quick to deploy. The project took place in over a year.

Centralizing information from seven agencies.

We chose to bring all agencies and departments on board. Everyone had a representative on the project team to detail their needs. Thanks to this work, efficy was able to customize the CRM to adapt it to our business, our organization and even our semantics.”

In addition to integrating the “Xerox language”, efficy’s experts set up numerous functionalities to manage the machine fleet directly from the customer files, follow up on contracts, business, etc.

Thanks to this work, the seven FBI Group agencies now have a centralized database:

“Hosted on our Lyon site, our CRM is accessible to employees wherever they are in the country – even when they are on the move. Each branch has its own segmented data.

Efficy CRM was quickly taken in hand by our teams. It’s a tool that integrates very easily into our work environment.

Today, we have centralized our customer knowledge in a single tool. Deadlines, number of machines, contracts, RIB, contacts, history… all the information we need is stored on our new CRM.

The project at a glance.




year of deployment


agencies in France

6 000

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