HEROSE is a European company that provides worldwide safety for the handling of technical gases, vapors and liquids through a wide range of industrial and cryogenic valves.

9 years ago Herose Ibérica was born in Barcelona, the leading subsidiary located in the Iberian Peninsula.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Carles Pruna, Operations Manager and Iliane García, Operations Assistant of Herose Ibérica.

Both shared with us what it has been like before and after acquiring efficy in their company.

  • "We always get our needs reflected in the program. This gives us peace of mind, since we see that at the end of it all we get a result that helps us a lot."

When you find the best solution for your business.

A year ago Herose Ibérica made the decision to look for a CRM that could be merged with their ERP and could simplify and unify their work processes.

They were looking for a CRM that would be useful for the whole company but more for the sales department, since their goal was to manage quickly and efficiently each sales opportunity.

They were analyzing different options in a software consulting firm (Softdoit) and that is where efficy appeared on the scene and negotiations began.

After a few weeks, Herose chose efficy CRM for its proximity, its adaptability based on the specific needs requested by the company and especially for its price-quality ratio.

Optimizing work methodologies in an efficient way.

The implementation of Herose <> efficy has been gradual and efficient.

Both the Herose team and Efficy’s Project Management department have sat down together to plan and create a CRM customized to the needs that they themselves were requesting from day one.

Moreover, the training team manager Grégory Ferrard flies from Belgium to the Herose Iberica offices in Barcelona to train the whole team.

After several trainings, webinars, consultations with the support department, etc., the company starts using the tool 100%. But do you know the best thing of all?

Herose Ibérica, being a company that cares and listens to both its customers and its team, decides to make its Sales Director one of the ambassadors of the tool.

That is to say, when a salesperson needs a special section in the solution, which can help him to be more agile in his sales opportunities, the Sales Director is in charge of managing this change, implements it and then teaches the rest of the team how to use it.

What a great team effort!

Objective: Continue squeezing efficy CRM to the last drop.

The Herose Ibérica – efficy tool continues to deliver great results, even in the least expected moments.

For example, during the confinement time, Herose Ibérica decided to optimize their internal processes with our CRM. Thanks to this, they have managed to improve both their internal communication and increase their productivity.

In addition, they began to implement email marketing campaigns focused on obtaining more leads for the sales department. They even use efficy to know which campaigns have been effective and which have not, and where they need to focus their efforts.

We are very pleased that Herose Ibérica has optimized their processes and that every day they are calm and happy to learn more about their tool.

Key numbers.


years of experience


than 80 countries

The results.

  • They have unified and optimized their work processes.
  • Their internal communication has been more effective.
  • They have implemented marketing campaigns obtaining quality leads, thanks to efficy CRM.
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  • "The choice of efficy CRM was first and foremost a user choice. The interface and features immediately convinced our reference users."

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

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    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"


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