efficy innovates Intériale’s customer relations.

Mutuelle Intériale is an expert in social protection for public service employees.

Created in June 2008, Intériale is the result of the unification of three historic civil service mutuals: MGPAT, MMI and SMPPN.

With its strong positioning in the mutual insurance market, Intériale is the 15th largest mutual insurance company in France!

  • "With efficy CRM, we supported the merger of the three mutuals that form Intériale. Today, we monitor our commercial activity, our members and our prospects. We have a single, unified and global reference system, for 360° visibility of our member relations."

The project.

Interiale was born out of the merger of three large mutuals with expertise in social protection for public service employees. In June 2008, when they merged, it was important for the group to give a new direction to our member relations.

It was imperative to treat our members in a more global way and to have a 360° visibility on all our portfolios. To do this, we decided together to upgrade all the tools in order to unify our systems. Each mutual had its own tools. For example, there were three separate accounting software packages.

When we merged, Intériale re-equipped the entire network with new support, business and front-office applications. As far as CRM is concerned, each mutual had a clear opinion on the matter. Only one of them was already using a CRM tool, the other two were in the process of choosing a solution.

Before taking this strategic decision, we consulted various important players and then set up a technical and functional working group. By mutual agreement, we decided to look for an editor capable of integrating into our SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to enable us to address the interoperability issues between the tools that implement our IS.

Following our call for tenders, two players stood out, efficy of course, and one of its direct competitors. We chose efficy because it perfectly met all our functional needs.

We particularly appreciated the scalability of the data model and the simple and efficient ergonomics of the software. Merging three large entities is complicated. It was imperative to optimise the transition between the software, especially for the end users. Having done it, we can speak of it as a real success.

A CRM perfectly integrated with the IS.

It was essential to integrate a powerful sales prospecting tool, capable of processing our requests and then directing them to the appropriate departments.

With the implementation of a workflow, the process has really improved since it allows the telephone operators to transfer all the requests to the right departments.

Lastly, we have created several interfaces, in particular with the Wynsure software package (our new tool for managing memberships and contributions) to synchronize with the repository of legal entities and individuals in the CRM.

We are also finalizing an interface to access the Wynsure contribution calculation engine when drawing up quotes in efficy.

efficy, a vehicle for development.

The gradual implementation of the various efficy modules allows us to approach the problems differently.

For Intériale, the necessary foundation is in place and we can look forward to the future with confidence. Several projects are underway, and we are going to set up NET BUSINESS quickly for some of our e-mailing campaigns and above all to interface our web platform dynamically with the solution.

The creation of Intériale is a complete success in terms of development but also in terms of the orientation of the members of the three mutuals.

They are now, more than ever, involved in a quality of service and member benefit-oriented approach.

Key figures.



430 000

people protected

The results.

  • Centralized management of the contacts of the three mutuals that created Intériale
  • Consolidation of knowledge, 360° vision of members and prospects
  • Management and monitoring of teams integrated in efficy CRM
  • Optimization of internal organization via workflows
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