UITP (International Association of Public Transport).

UITP (International Association of Public Transport in French) has over 1,800 member companies from 100 countries. This organization has 14 regional offices scattered around the world that work together thanks to efficy. Indeed, it is thanks to the CRM solution that the sharing customer and prospect knowledge is done at UITP.

This is where Paul Debaix, UITP’s Senior Data Entry Manager, comes in. Paul is the database administrator and is also in charge of quality control. In this capacity he helps with the structure of their system and the management of the members. To do so, he uses efficy CRM on a daily basis. 

Finally, Paul is also in charge of managing the access rights and the rights of the various members of the association on the “MyUITP” platform. This platform communicates directly with the CRM via SSO to grant or deny access, depending on the level of authorization linked to the membership.

  • "Efficy was chosen as the CRM solution because it met the complexity of our membership and was very flexible in all developments as efficy is fully customizable."

CRM, an essential tool for managing the ramifications of their members.

Next comes Didier Pesesse, Logistic & Applications Support Senior Manager at UITP. In this role, he is the administrator of the CRM solution. In this capacity, he ensures that the CRM is kept up to date, produces the reports requested by UITP’s functional teams and helps the teams to segment the database.

UITP, thanks to developments, can see the history of members over the years in a module developed for this purpose. They have recently developed the ‘request for operational figures from member companies’ via a form that directly updates new data in the company profile.

“At UITP, we have direct members of our organization but also indirect members. For example, a global company is a member of UITP. This group includes ‘sister’ companies which are subsidiaries of that company and also have access to UITP services and different content. The on-demand reporting I do allows the UITP organization to have a consolidated view of these entities and thus better manage the associated content and access.”

When UITP weighs on efficy's roadmap...

C’est avec une certaine fierté que Didier Pesesse nous confie que l’option de « Tree view », devenue une fonctionnalité phare chez efficy CRM, a été développée grâce à une demande d’UITP. Le tree view dans efficy CRM permet de voir de manière graphique les liens existants entre différentes entreprises, plus précisément dans le cas d’UITP entre société mères et sœurs. Cette fonctionnalité Tree view peut également s’appliquer aux vues Projets ou encore Produits.

efficy CRM a été choisi parce que la solution a répondu à la complexité de leur membership et s’est montré très flexible.

efficy and UITP: a relationship of trust for over 15 years.

Efficy and UITP have had a strong relationship for over 15 years, with ups and downs, even if the downs are “very sporadic”, according to Didier Pesesse, but above all it is a relationship of trust.

Paul and Didier use efficy CRM every day and are very happy with all the possibilities offered by the solution and all the benefits efficy CRM brings on a daily basis.

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  • "The CRM allows us to centralize all our customer knowledge for reliable and shared information. The solution accompanies our sales representatives every day in the development of their activity."

  • Valérie Exilie RATP

    "efficy CRM has given us global coverage, can be adjusted to meet new needs quickly and easily, and was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints of our Information System." 

  • Nicolas Chery DKV Euro Service

    "We were looking for a CRM that would be integrated into the work of the sales staff, that would be modular and that would allow us to monitor the activity in a very detailed way."


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