The Union sociale pour l’habitat (USH) is the representative organization of the Hlm movement, which represents nearly 650 organizations through 5 federations. It centralizes all the information of the sector and is the privileged interlocutor for the public authorities.

To better communicate with its network of members and manage it efficiently, USH relies on E-Deal CRM by Efficy, a solution to which 15,000 users have read-only or read/write access.

CRM, a human challenge

Union sociale pour l’habitat deployed E-Deal CRM by Efficy in 2017 to replace the existing database that was only used as an address book.

The CRM was then the first step in getting users to collaborate better. So, to encourage CRM adoption, the project teams talked with users to understand their challenges and explain the benefits of CRM.

Now, with hindsight, it’s a successful gamble for USH. A change in mentality has gradually taken place and USH employees are able to take advantage of easier network management, information sharing, more targeted communication campaigns, etc.

The CRM is at the heart of our members' knowledge. All organizations have access to our directory and can update their information directly. We also use it to send emails and organize our professional days.
Project Manager DNSI (Digital Information Systems Department)

At the heart of a complex IS

One of the difficulties encountered by USH in its CRM project was the integration into a complex information system. With methodology and rigor, the various obstacles were removed one after the other thanks to the collaboration between USH, the selected integrator and the publisher.

Today, E-Deal CRM by Efficy is used by 1,000 employees of USH and its subsidiaries (read/write) and by 14,000 people attached to member housing organizations (read only). In view of these uses, special attention was paid to managing access rights.

At the same time, Efficy won the USH call for tenders thanks to the flexibility and ergonomics of the tool. It is possible to customize it very simply, without any technical skills.

Smoother and more efficient communication

One of the objectives of the CRM was to improve communication between USH and its member organizations.

It is therefore quite natural that the process of creating the Hlm Directory, a reference support for the sector, was simplified. Indeed, all members have access to the CRM and can find the contacts of their organization and of other organizations. The updating of contacts is done in a mutualized way, either by USH or by the member itself.

The CRM is therefore the only reliable and up-to-date source that serves as the basis for the paper edition of the Annuaire Hlm.

At the same time, USH also uses E-Deal CRM by Efficy to send its emailing campaigns. Over the course of a year, approximately 500 emailings are sent.

And, as a bonus, the statistics of sending, opening and clicks are directly monitored in the CRM via dashboards.

Professional events are also managed via the CRM.

Finally, as proof of progress in terms of communication, USH also uses its CRM to track legal requests from web forms.

With institutional information (local associations, town halls, departments, etc.) and information on housing organizations, USH now has a complete overview of its ecosystem, in a centralized and reliable manner.

Key figures

  • picto
    15 000
  • picto
    emails per year

The results

  • Easier management of member networks
  • Better collaboration based on information sharing
  • Perfectly managed access rights between USH employees and member organizations
  • Simplification of the Hlm Directory update process

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