URIOS-BEIC is a major player in the Commercial and Financial Intelligence and Debt Collection market, and has been helping companies grow for 25 years.

The company enables its 1,200 clients to develop their business opportunities, secure sales and accelerate cash flow through its innovative solutions: real-time creditworthiness studies, guaranteed information, Sapin 2 law compliance, and collection software.

The company is particularly recognized for its high value-added analyses reflecting the financial health/solvency of customers or suppliers in real time and its innovative solutions to reduce the risk of non-payment, such as: guaranteed solvency study and collection automation software.

Efficy has allowed us to accelerate our business development! We now have the ability to track every action we take in great detail.
Françoise Boyer
Marketing and Digital Director

The project at a glance

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    +1200 clients

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    12 M€ Revenues

A CRM to manage sales and marketing actions.

When I arrived at URIOS-BEIC, the company did not use any CRM software. We were working with various substitutes, including a contract management tool and a customer management tool that had been converted into a CRM. However, these solutions were still limited in terms of functionality and we had a growing need to manage our business and our growth.

The exercise was almost impossible to achieve without a considerable loss of time in the back office.

“Having previously used a CRM software, its adoption was for me a sine qua non condition to be able to deploy, pilot and measure the various sales and marketing action plans. “

Why choose Efficy CRM?

The commercial relationship and proximity were important factors in our choice. Our Efficy sales representative was able to understand our problems very well and offer us functional solutions. What seemed complicated to us actually became very simple thanks to the expertise of the Efficy teams and the flexibility of the tool.

Efficy CRM met all our requirements, first of all functionally with, for example, the possibility of managing our two brands from the same tool. We had the problem of having to combine two different customer bases with different contractual terms in a single management solution, which Efficy knew how to do very well. The solution also allows us to monitor our subscription contracts.

The quick set-up and the price were enough to convince us.

Customized support

The promise of speed and agility of implementation was kept, the Go Live respected! We were impressed by the speed with which the tool was adopted by employees. We had of course conducted an internal awareness campaign on the new processes induced by the CRM, but we did not expect to encounter so little resistance to change from the teams!

The CRM was easily integrated into the daily life of the teams. For example, with the mobile application which is a real plus for the sales teams or the Outlook integration which allows us to keep the mail management and the sending of sales proposals in Outlook which is really appreciated.

CRM as a business development enhancer

One of our objectives with the CRM was to be able to create a coherent customer journey and increase the transformation rate of commercial opportunities. We have succeeded in this challenge and are now able to measure our results precisely and manage our daily sales activity.

“Efficy CRM is a highly collaborative tool, so we have been able to transcribe many internal processes into the CRM. The management of sales portfolios, customer management and sales activity as a whole have been simplified with a real gain in productivity for the teams. “

The CRM brings a lot to everyone, it simplifies the life of the sales person, it gives us an exact vision of our stocks, it speeds up reporting and decision making… We now have the ability to trace every action we take in great detail!

Why would you recommend Efficy?

First, because of the quality of the tool and the proximity of the Efficy teams. Secondly, because it’s a publisher with a real desire for functional evolution. The product strategy and the openness of the APIs allow the solution to support our development.

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