In the midst of the digitalisation of its activity, the Brussels law firm Younity was looking for a tool that would enable it to track its clients over time and to automate the management of its files.

Indeed, it is very important to be able to track the history of a contact and the different companies in which that person has worked.

Relationship management tailored to each case

It is important to have an overview of the parties involved in each case with a clear definition of the roles of each. This connection between opposing party and client is very easy to find by clicking directly on the case: from the company you can see the person… No matter which door you enter, the lawyer, the assistant, the partner will find the information.

“At Younity, our staff quickly realised that this feature saves them time! “says Patrick Leemans, CFAO at Younity.

  • "Thanks to the advantages of efficy CRM, we can now recruit our new lawyers and trainees while maintaining the same number of assistants."

The profitable choice of a pure CRM player.

“A CRM editor offers all the standard CRM functionalities such as daily management of tasks, appointments, document management, opportunity tracking and even marketing campaigns. This brings additional benefits that we wouldn’t have thought of at first,” says Patrick.

For example, when a firm is looking for new business, it may need to manage its opportunities in the same way as a sales person in a company would.

Using efficy CRM, these can be categorised by areas of interest and then personalised to these potential clients. These CRM sales/marketing functions complement the management of emails, timesheets, documents and invoices, which are essential for every lawyer.

It’s a strong way to differentiate yourself from the competition of other firms! It is a complementary base that allows you to understand the entire client relationship from the first contact to the follow-up of the complete history of the client.

Building a lasting relationship.

Patrick Leemans explains: “For us as an employment law firm, it is the point of contact that is important. It is therefore essential to follow a person’s career path and to maintain the relationship with him or her. Thanks to efficy CRM, we keep all the contact history and the interactions we had with this client“. Another key aspect is the automated invoicing process. This has enabled Younity to save a lot of time. By using the timesheet functions, the assistant prepares what is called a batch of files for invoicing and can therefore output hundreds of documents in a few hours.

The invoices are then submitted for electronic validation of the dominus litis and sent directly. “The partners are in Antwerp or in the vicinity of Wavre and the assistant is in Brussels. There are almost 400 monthly invoices that are issued, modified, validated and sent out in just 3 days, all without any physical presence. This procedure has saved us a lot of time. “, concludes Patrick Leemans.

CRM at Younity, a project for the future.

“Our goal now is to use the full power of efficy CRM for tasks that lawyers were not used to doing with CRM before. In particular, we are going to look at the collaborative features of the solution”, Patrick explains. 

“That’s where it gets interesting because we’re going to push the solution even further for our profession.” Finally, Patrick Leemans tells us that according to him, efficy CRM, in addition to its customer management, should become a process management tool for Younity.

“Today we archive documents one by one in efficy CRM. In the future, what I want is for this archiving to be done in batches, by ‘bulks’.

By simple digital approval, hundreds of documents will be archived. And that’s how we will save time and money. We can now recruit our new lawyers and trainees while keeping the same number of assistants.“

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