CRM with project management in addition

In addition to a complete CRM, you want a powerful project management system integrated into your CRM.

Bonus: Gamification features to improve and accelerate adoption by your users.

Gamified CRM to boost user adoption

All your customer knowledge is centralised in the database and shared by all your employees.

Whether they work in the customer service, or in the marketing or sales department, they can all access the same customer view.

Depending on business needs and their user profile, additional relevant data can be displayed.

With Efficy CRM Premium, we offer a CRM solution which can be customised to meet all your needs.

Gamified CRM to boost user adoption

Why use gamification?

Because the success of a CRM project hinges on the human dimension of the project and because well implemented change management makes a difference.

Based on techniques of game playing, gamification increases user adoption.

A gamified CRM is also a good way to motivate your staff and help them boost their productivity.

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