Which are the best techniques for good customer service?

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Good customer service is key to making it easier for customers to complete their purchase and, of course, to repeat the process at a later date. Precisely for this reason, companies should never neglect this aspect since, in some cases, it is almost as important as the quality of the product or service. In order to achieve good customer service skills, there are some market techniques that can allow us to achieve this without even realising it, we simply have to pay attention to certain aspects such as those we are going to tell you about below.

Offer a closer relationship

A customer perceives a big difference between those who treat him as a stranger compared to those who treat him by name. In the latter case, the customer gains more confidence and feels much more at ease. To achieve this, it is important to use his or her name in different aspects of the conversation, in different phrases: How can I help you John, John, I need you to sign this receipt, among other phrases. This customer service technique is quite common in many American companies. Here in Spain we have great examples of this technique, such as Apple, whose shops stand out precisely because of this highly personalised customer service. The customer feels much more comfortable in the shop and really ends up enjoying the purchasing process much more.

Take care of body language and presence

This technique is widely used by politicians, as body language is very important. Try to express yourself with body movements that inspire confidence, that help to keep the customer’s attention and respond with good attitudes to what they are saying to you at that moment. Nodding your head or nodding your hands as you listen will give the client the feeling that you are really listening to their problem and that you intend to help them. On the other hand, presence is also important. Being neat and tidy, as well as having a work uniform or clean clothes, will show that you are serious about your work. On the other hand, if you are providing customer service telematically, even if you think that the movements you make with your body cannot be seen, they can be transmitted through your voice. In fact, it is quite noticeable when a person is smiling on the other end of the phone line and when they are not, so never neglect it.

Empathy is important

Few things are more reassuring to a customer than empathy. Acknowledging how he feels about the problem, trying to make him believe that you have had that problem yourself, will help him know that he is not really the only one who has been through it and that your experience will be important in arriving at a solution. It is quite easy to empathize, just use a few phrases but don’t be too repetitive. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, who has bought a product with certain expectations and is now disappointed. Above all, there is always a solution to any kind of problem. Which are the best techniques for good customer service?

Use positive language

Finally, we have to be smart and try to show positive language. When waiting to receive a product, a customer will be much more satisfied if they hear something like: your shipment will be available from next week, we will register it and have it shipped to you when it arrives, we can’t ship until next week because we don’t have stock right now, etc. As well as empathising much more with the customer in this respect, the customer will perceive that we are giving them the best possible solution to the problem and will probably do business with us again from now on. The goal, as always, is that our customer is always at ease.

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