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How Can You Qualify Leads in Your CRM Software?

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Leads, prospects, sales opportunities … The lead vocabulary is wide. For all that, we all have the same issues: we need new qualified leads to feed our database. But by the way, what’s a lead? And how can we qualify leads in our CRM software? No panic, we’ll help you to see it clear.


What’s a lead ?

A lead is a point of commercial contact between a brand and a potential prospect. Did you get the first contact with someone who’s part of your target? Then you got a lead. When you are an exhibitor in a trade exhibition, the crowd circulates in the aisles. People, from this crowd, who will stop on your stand and ask you some questions about what you are selling, are leads. 

Leads that you collected are more or less qualified, depending on the effectiveness of your content strategy. If you manage to convert them into customers, then you won! But how can you qualify leads in our CRM software?

To qualify leads in your CRM, where to begin with?


To analyze web browsing data

One of the first contacts with a lead can be done via your brand website. It is often a good gateway and some CRM software can even collect information on web browsing data to feed a “silhouette”, which means a very poor lead. Then we can also find information such as pages visited. You only need to take the time to analyze this data. Quick GDPR reminder: do not forget to inform your users if you collect data passively.

To submit web forms

Throughout the navigation, the user can also fill out a web form to subscribe to a newsletter, receive a personalized quote, ask to be called back by a specialist, download expert content, etc. Thus, the data collected enrich the contact, company or opportunity. Your lead becomes more qualified and your customer knowledge improves. Again, think about GDPR and collect only the data that is really useful to you. Besides the legal side, it also allows you to improve the customer experience.

To synchronize your CRM software with BtoB data providers

This is one of the additional options to feed your CRM software into leads. BtoB data providers, such as Corporama and Altares, have the role of providing data already qualified. This is their core business. It means that you will be able to import quality leads into your CRM solution. Thus, you will quickly start a commercial relationship, and this will directly happen in the CRM (monitoring, reminders, opportunities…). Ask your CRM publisher partners with whom it is already interfaced and they will help you.

To make file imports

Most CRM solutions allow you to import files automatically and manually. These can be files that feed database contacts or companies. If you are importing leads into your database, mention the origin of the data, it makes it easier to track the ROI. Also plan to fill in the status: all the imported contacts will have the status “to treat” for example. Once again get a focus on GDPR: On the one hand, when you imported a file from your drive, remember to delete it. On the other hand, think about setting automatic tasks that will clean your data (is it really useful to keep a lead on which you didn’t get any information or connection for more than a year?). 

These four tips allow you to feed and qualify leads in your CRM software. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are other levers to qualify leads. There are for example: the comparison with his persona, the weighted criteria or scoring … Everybody has to find the methods that meet his business requirements. 

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