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CRM: 5 Examples of Companies Using Customer Relationship Software

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The implementation of CRMs in companies is already an unstoppable process with data as impressive as the fact that in the United States, 92% of companies with more than 10 employees already use one. 

In Europe we have to make do with more modest data, but even so, Spain is at the forefront of this movement. 


Examples of businesses that use a CRM

If the trend continues, in a few years more companies will be using CRM than not.

What types of companies use a CRM?

If we look at the types of companies that use efficy CRM we find several common characteristics in them:

  • They are clearly customer-centric companies.
  • They are companies that invest in their sales and customer service processes.
  • They are companies that provide their employees with the best equipment.
  • They are leading companies at the top of the sectors in which they operate. 

So that you can see it with your own eyes, I have selected 5 examples of  companies that use our CRM and some of their real data.

Examples of companies using a CRM.


20 minutes

20 minutes uses efficy CRM and is a media with impressive numbers:

  • 22.1 million readers per month in France alone
  • 10.6 million readers of the printed newspaper
  • 5 million readers per computer
  • 10.7 million readers per smartphone
  • 2.6 million readers per tablet
Example of businesses that use a CRM - 20 minutos


Belfius Bank

This Belgian bank is one of the most important in its country and of course, it also uses a CRM: efficy.

  • More than 3.5 million customers
  • The second largest Belgian bank and insurer
  • They serve 50% of Belgian companies
  • Belgium's No. 1 public sector bank
  • 1.3 million customers use their mobile banking every day
  • 800 branches use efficy CRM



Example of businesses that use a CRM - Belfius Bank


Carrefour Pro

Carrefour Pro is the division of the Carrefour Group in charge of corporate gifts for employees, members and partners. 

In only 6 months they migrated from a difficult to use, not very functional and indigestible CRM to our solution. 

The result was:

  • An exceptionally agile and smooth implementation thanks to the training.
  • A customisable home page for each user that allows better tracking of ROI.
  • Users in both sales and marketing really satisfied with the tool.

Volkswagen Group France

The French subsidiary of Volkswagen AG is also a customer of efficy CRM, with figures as spectacular as these:

  • More than 9 million vehicles sold in 2013
  • 5 brands: Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
  • Almost 14% share of the French automotive market
  • 700 distribution centres and 800 service centres
  • More than 17,500 employees in France alone

La Redoute

The multi-specialist in ready-to-wear fashion and decoration La Redoute is another customer of our CRM with dizzying figures:

  • The French version is one of the country's main online sales sites with over 7 million unique visitors per month
  • More than 10 million active customers worldwide
  • Presence in more than 20 countries
  • 700 people use the CRM daily

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