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What Are the Advantages of an Online CRM Over a Traditional One?

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Maybe when you start your business you think you don't need to use a CRM and you start by using the management tool par excellence: Excel. 

Excel is a great tool, and thanks to its formulas, graphs and macros we can make real innovations in the management of our business. 

However, no matter how powerful an Excel is, it has a disadvantage over CRM

It is simply not a CRM, nor has it been designed for use. 

For this reason, it is not possible to save attachments, nor establish alerts and warnings between users, nor is there a clear workflow in it to manage sales opportunities. 

These are just a few examples. But there are many more. 

When you grow up, if you want to manage your business professionally, you need to incorporate a CRM. 

And then the first doubt arises:

Is an online CRM better than traditional one?

The best way to answer this is with data: although online CRMs became popular less than 10 years ago, it is estimated that they currently occupy more than 75% of the sector. 


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When something becomes an industry standard so quickly and is adopted by so many companies, it often means that they have a brutal advantage over their counterparts. 

In the case of online CRM it is no different.

Advantages of an online CRM

Online CRMs have 3 major advantages over traditional CRMs. These three groups, which explain why it has become a market standard are

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Scalability

Having a online CRM allows you to improve your profitability

When the first customer management software was launched it was very expensive. You needed infrastructure, software licenses and knowledgeable staff to keep them up to date. 

That's precisely why they were only available to the largest and most pocketful companies. 

However, the rise of the internet democratised many services, and so did CRM. 

By having all the infrastructure, software and maintenance staff centralised in one company serving many others, online CRMs are much cheaper than traditional ones. 

To make matters worse, by having all these areas outsourced you don't have to worry about security, which is usually another very expensive aspect. 

For all these reasons, online CRMs are much more profitable.

Online CRMs are more productive than traditional ones

Better management of communication with your customers and your off or online sales opportunities is the number one reason why you should have a CRM, but as if that were not enough, having a software of this type will also help you a lot to be more productive, especially if it is a online CRM. 

Why is that? 

With a online CRM you can access all the data you have centralised in the tool wherever you are, as long as you have a device with an internet connection. 

This makes life much easier for all employees who connect from home, travel a lot or work from different places. 

Furthermore, with a CRM of this type, you make it easier to work, coordinate and communicate in remote teams, where not everyone works from the same physical space and which are increasingly becoming a constant in the market.

It is easier to scale an online CRM than a traditional one

The last great advantage of online CRMs over traditional ones is that they are much more flexible and dynamic. 

To access new functionalities or add users to a traditional CRM you have to pay specialists to adapt the tool and even buy more infrastructure such as servers. 

In online services, with a few clicks and modifying your payment, you have it solved. 

Furthermore, with online CRMs, each time an improvement or update is made, it is implemented immediately for all users, while in traditional CRMs you have to wait for the new version to come out, acquire it and update all the programs.

Do you want to start using an online CRM?

Aware of the advantages of a web tool over a traditional one, at efficy we have adopted this approach since our inception with very good results. 

The best proof that the system works is that we have over 4,500 clients in more than 33 countries. 

You can start selling more and better today by using an online CRM like ours. 

Shall we talk? 

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