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Overcome the Top Email Writing Challenges with AI [New Feature!]

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To uncover the most common email content challenges, we conducted a survey with our efficy Marketing customers, and the results are in...

We marketers know that the foundation for writing a great email campaign is understanding your audience and engaging them with relevant, personalised communications.

But to be the brand that stands out in a flooded inbox, it takes a little more to capture your recipients’ attention and keep it.  

No doubt, creating consistent email content that “wows” is easier said than done.

Luckily, generative AI is changing the game, empowering marketers to put their top content hurdles behind them.

This blog will walk through the most common content pain points email marketers face and propose an AI tool to best them (we’re not shy — the new efficy Marketing AI Assistant is here to help!).


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Most common email content challenges

These are the 4 most common challenges efficy Marketing customers shared with us:

  1. Limited time for creativity (61%)  
  2. Limited resources (30%)
  3. Generating ideas for content (28%)  
  4. Creating content consistently (10%)

Essentially, these pain points can be broken down into three main categories. Let’s take a closer look and see how marketers can use AI to help.

Engaging with creativity

Creating emails that truly stand out and engage takes creativity: content that’s a breath of fresh air against the flood of emails recipients receive each day.  

Yet, with email marketers writing 15 emails each week on average, consistently being innovative is challenging.  

Among the top benefits of using generative AI is its ability to support your creative process, providing instant ideas, new perspectives, and rewording text to keep your content workflow, well, flowing.  

The numbers don’t lie: a recent study from Lightricks shows that 86% of content creators believe AI positively impacts their creativity.

Conquering writer’s block

Writer’s block is an all-to-common occurrence that even the best content creators face.

With the pressure of deadlines always around the corner, it’s not an easy feat to constantly think up and produce high-quality content in one sitting.

While proper planning and strategies help (and are a must) to fuel content production, they alone can’t conquer the anxiety a blank page can stir.  

This is why more and more marketers are turning to AI. With an AI text generator, the first draft is always only a few moments away, enabling you to produce content quicker than ever before.  

Lack of time and resources

One common theme unites our survey results: not having enough time and resources.  

The fact is, creating great content takes both. Any content creator who’s ever been asked to do more, faster, knows that speed and quantity inevitably come at the expense of quality.  

Maybe you’ve even wished you could duplicate yourself to get a job done (we’ve been there).  

While AI can’t replicate human nuance, emotion, and contextual insight, it can increase your content production speed by 3.5x while reducing costs by up to 30%. It's like a helpful assistant that never sleeps.

Indeed, AI’s greatest contribution is that it frees businesses and marketers from pesky constraints, helping those who seek to engage with their audience do what they do best: be more human and more creative.

New feature: Let the efficy Marketing AI Assistant create high-quality newsletters for you

Standing out in the crowded inbox and engaging readers with a frequent cadence of content is difficult.  

It’s clear that marketers struggle to find enough time and resources to creatively brainstorm and produce content that connects and drives their strategies to success.

That’s why we crafted an AI email writer with care: the efficy Marketing AI Assistant.

This feature is built to help marketers save time, enabling them to ideate, generate, and refine creative newsletter copy in minutes like a true email marketing pro.  

What makes it unique? We’re glad you asked.  

  • Email Marketing-specialised AI: This AI is explicitly trained in email marketing best practices, so you can trust it to create catchy subject lines, preheaders, and engaging content.
  • Adapt your content to the right audience: You can produce and optimise text in 8 local languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. Let the AI adjust your tone and seamlessly adapt your content for the right segment.
  • Secure and GDPR compliant: We know data privacy is crucial. Rest assured; we never share customer information with third parties.

5 Tips for creating email content with the efficy Marketing AI Assistant


So, you’re ready to start generating your best newsletters yet. Follow these tips to get the most out of generating content with the efficy Marketing AI Assistant.

1. Understand your audience

Before creating content, it’s important to know your audience like you would a friend: Who are they (e.g., name, age, location: the basics)? What are they interested in? What do they dislike?

efficy Marketing helps you track and understand your audience with insights into their behaviour, preferences, and engagement patterns with easy tools to segment your different recipients by specific characteristics.

Understanding your audience is the first building block to generating and optimising content that resonates with them.  

Bonus tip: Conduct research, such as surveys, on what topics, formats, and tones your audience prefers.

2. Kickstart your ideas

Don't spend hours you don’t have trying to find clever ideas and words.

The efficy Marketing AI Assistant can help you brainstorm; it's as simple as asking for what you need.  

Based on your prompt, it can suggest topics, text, paraphrasing, and engaging headlines and preheaders with email marketing best practices top of mind.  

3. Maintain consistency in tone and style

Let your brand's voice shine — use the efficy Marketing AI Assistant to generate content that aligns to provide a cohesive reader experience.  

Simply provide it with examples or descriptions of your preferred tone and style.

Our AI email assistant helps ensure stylistic consistency across your newsletters and can seamlessly adapt elements based on the context you provide.

4. Add a human touch

While AI can generate content quickly and efficiently, adding a human touch is key.

With AI tools becoming more popular, people are becoming more aware of when it’s being used (54% of the time). This isn’t a bad thing; in fact, 41% of consumers reported favouring brands that use AI in the customer experience.

That said, AI cannot replace human creativity — only supplement it. To ensure your brand stands out, it’s important to use your own creative eye, empathy, and insights to fine-tune your content for success.  

Bonus tip: Personal anecdotes, stories, and expert insights are a great way to make newsletters more relatable and engaging.

5. A/B Test and iterate content

With your newsletter content ready in hand, it’s time to see what works best with your audience.

Conduct A/B testing of different newsletter elements, such as layout, images, calls to action, and content length to see which versions perform better. Just make sure to only test one element at a time.  

Doing so will enable you to continuously optimise your newsletters and understand how to connect better with your audience.

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